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Psalms 84:5…

Psalms 84:5 Blessed is the man whose strength is in thee…

It’s clear and straight to the point.  Where should our strength be placed, and where should our strength flow from?  The LORD.

Everything in this world of ours will fail; except for Him.  Money, fame, power, governments, organizational churches, stock markets, other humans, our houses, cars, our minds, our bodies…everything.  Everything that is not Him or of Him will ultimately fail.

There is no small print with God; if your strength is in Him; you are blessed.  His blessing does not mean there will be no trials or tribulations here on this earth, in fact, if you are walking in faith, that is when you will be attacked the most by enemies.  His blessing doesn’t mean there is no sickness or pain in this life; what it means is that you will overcome it through Him, if not in this life, then in the one to come.

Our happiness…our contentment rests solely in Him, and comes from Him.  He is our LORD and Saviour, our King and High Priest.  We also know that whatever we’ve been through He has been through it too; and worse.

God is a God of love, but also of strength.  Ultimate and absolute strength rests with Him, and we are to rely on Him fully for our own strength.  Trust in Him; He will never fail.


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