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No, I’m not French, nor a Parisian…

Hang with me here… We just saw another attack against civilians made by Muslims.  They are extremists and they are terrorists and they are Muslim.  They went into Paris and targeted civilians.  They went into Paris with their ideology and they sought wreak as much havoc and kill as many people as they could.  They targeted a free people with the intent not just to kill, but to punish freedom itself.  They worship a false god, and follow false teachings in a book filled with philosophies antithetical to Truth, justice, and freedom.

I’m not French, I wasn’t a New Yorker after 9/11… I’m a small-town American and I won’t pretend to know the level of fear and pain that those innocent people suffered in those cities.  Yes, I stand with them, yes, I pray for them, but I won’t tarnish their experiences by using a pat phrase.  Perhaps instead of wasting our empathy with phrases and hashtags we can instead, or alongside of that, educate ourselves on the threat we all face and what can be done about it.  This can’t be handled in cyberspace.  This can’t be handled by sentiment. Before it can be handled we have to be an in formed populace.

Have you not followed the refugee crisis in Europe?  Have you not learned why ISIS is doing what it is doing?  Have you not read and studied the Koran and the various volumes of the Hadith to understand what is fueling their attacks?  As bad as it was in Paris, do you realize Christian children are being targeted for crucifixion in ISIS controlled territory?  People are being raped, tortured, and killed all for their witness to the true God.  Genocide has happened and now the perpetrators are exporting death.  Russia is on the move and Putin is actually being called upon by Americans to do what we won’t.  We don’t owe it to the victims of these heinous acts of terror to label ourselves with their labels, but rather to respond with knowledge, wisdom, and courage.

I’ve just read an article that was acting offended that the Republican candidates were “politicizing” the Paris attacks… um, yeah, because you are seeing the ineffectiveness of Democratic leadership in the face of an exploded Middle East, an exploding Europe, and an America that can’t control it’s own borders.  I hope that all the candidates both liberal and conservative tell us what they would do about the Islamic threat.  Now is the time folks.

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All we can do is pray.

Ugh.  Recently this phrase has been everywhere; television, social media, the internet… I have no doubt there are cases of life getting to the point where “all we can do is pray,” but mostly that is poppycock, piffle, and balderdash. It’s also an excuse to be lazy, or offhand.  Don’t get me wrong, brothers and sisters, praying is powerful, praying is called for, and praying should precede other things… but it isn’t the only thing we can do in 99% of the cases.

Let’s take the recent and ongoing Ebola outbreak.  All we can do is pray. No, we can find out about it and become educated on what Ebola is, how it is spread, how to prevent it, what to do if you suspect you’ve been exposed, etc… We can also find out who it is effecting and how to help.  Whether it is Politics, Israel’s battle against the terrorist group Hamas, Economics, World Hunger, The Youth leaving the church, whatever it is we can do more than pray.

If you want this country of ours, the USA, to be different, then pray, but don’t stop there.  Do what you can when you can.  Read the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, find out who your representatives are, aid the campaigns of people you support, find a need in your local community and fill it, teach a class at your church, fly a flag, you get the picture.  Do we “have” to do these things? No, of course not, but don’t utter that phrase unless it is true… but don’t forget even in those circumstances, there is also singing, and praising, and worshiping.

As an aside, much of what we can “do” revolves around our own homes and our own families.  Educate yourself and your families, get your house in order (literally), see to your own finances, have strong bonds with your families, then learn to look outside of yourselves, outside of your own homes, or towns, or even countries.  Many of my readers have already done all of this, and to you I say; great job! Truly.  Keep it up.  But some of us, me included, need a nudge, a reminder.

God is powerful beyond measure.  He’s in control and history itself bends to His will.  Yes, pray.  Scripture tells us to pray.  But let us also open ourselves up to the nudges of the Holy Spirit and do the works He empowers us to do by grace through faith, that all flows from God.


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“There is no straw.”

We see it.  I know we see it.  What’s more, we feel it.  Something is incredibly wrong in this country of ours.  The U.S. of A. has taken a turn.  This turn is a culmination of poor decisions on the part of… well, almost everyone.  Our borders are not secure.  Our currency is suffering.  We are a nation of debtors living in a debtor nation.  Our morality has become laughable.  Common sense is gone.  Our “representatives” in government; whether in the House, Senate, or White House no longer represent us.  People who work hard, and/or work smart, and accumulate wealth are scorned and ridiculed, while those on welfare are strangely pitied and praised at the same time, being held up as political pundits that we should listen to, or be amused by.

And yet we wait.  We wait for the “last straw” we wait for it to break the camel’s back.  “What is it going to be?” we wonder.  Is it going to be a stock market crash so severe we all wake up?  Is it going to be another terrorist attack on our soil?  Will it be a natural disaster of epic proportions? Viral outbreak?  A leader so awful we all rise up?

And then it hits me; there is no straw.  We want a straw… we want something sooo definitive that we finally break into action, rally, come together as Americans and put things right.  So, we wait, and wait, and wait.  This is not a straw situation, rather it is a frog in the pot situation.  Folks, the change has happened so slow we grow accustomed to it.  Yes, we notice it in passing, but we don’t act on it.

It’s time.  We each have an impact on our nation.  It starts with us.  With a firm idea of who we are.  We are made in the very image of God Himself.  We all live in relation with other people; friends, co-workers, parents, kids, spouses, students, teachers, etc… we make a change in our nation by making a change in our lives.  Parents raise up your kids.  YOU. Teach them right from wrong, proper patriotism, not blind group think but true patriotism that shows them what the founding fathers intended for this nation founded explicitly on Judeo-Christian values, teach them the bible, the declaration of independence, and the constitution.

Spouses, love one another, serve one another, become strong in the Lord so that you can stand against the tide of negative changes, and help your spouse stand.  Come to understand that you have to get involved in politics if you currently care about this country.  We cannot sit on the sidelines.  It is our right as citizens of the U.S. to let our minds be heard, to share opinion especially if it is rooted in our religion.  The founders did it, they protected the right of us to do so, with the expectation that we would pay attention and do our moral duty to the nation.  You want to make a an impact to your fellow humans, the time to take action is now.

There is no straw.  Toss the kool-aid out, quit wasting away in front of the TV, get off your butt, see to your own health, the health of your loved ones, of your town, of your state, and of your country.  Do what you can in your own life.  You have the power.  Bow your knee to God, pledge to serve those He wants you to serve, and quit waiting.

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God and politics…

I talked briefly about Religion and politics in an earlier blog post.  This time I want to shift the conversation to God and politics.  Many people have reacted in one of two ways to the outcome of the election; with great joy or with great sadness.

Regardless of our personal feelings, there is one thing to always keep in mind; God is in control.  Ultimately it is His will that indeed will be done, and He does influence and move certain individuals and nations at certain times to see that His will is carried out (ex: Romans 13).

Now, that in no way means that we are to follow a civil law or command that goes against our Christian faith or belief; there is plenty of scripture quite to the contrary(ex: Acts 5:29).  However, we all know that even when Satan, or even just human folly places the wrong person in a position of power, God can enter into all things to turn it to good.

In history, there have even been those enemies of Israel that God did indeed use for His own purposes.  Even those that set themselves against God and His people can and will be a part of His will.

So, either way; if God chose the next president and put him in that position, or if other forces were in play, God will indeed bend the present, and history to His use, it is all in His control.  As always we are told to fret not, and also that regardless of person positive or negative feelings that God’s will is what is important, and that we should all pray that it be carried out here in our current lives.


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Religion and Politics; Voting along religious lines…

Religion and politics; they are both hot topics, even separately they are two areas that stimulate a large amount of discussion but when you mix ’em together…whoa buddy, just watch out.

I observed a particular point-of-view that I found highly interesting after watching Jesus Camp, a documentary that followed a group of kids to an evangelical Christian summer camp.  After watching the movie, I knew people online would be all over it, in terms of discussion, so I looked up a discussion board, and sure enough everyone was getting worked up talking about it.  Amongst all the discussion, there was a group of people from the liberal side of the aisle who were horrified that people would let their religious beliefs influence which candidates or laws they would or would not vote for…scandalous I know.

There was an odd undercurrent of thought that if people voted their religious morals, then we’d magically turn into a Theocracy…showing that the slippery slope fallacy is alive and well.  What baffled me was the seeming lack of acknowledgment that we live in a republic and that we (at least used to) take democracy quite seriously.  That means we get to attempt to elect people that will represent us in government.  They were also making an odd fuss over “legislating morality.”  Folks, we legislate morality all the time, that’s why we have laws against things like murder, theft, and rape…

I can understand why someone might be upset by this, because maybe their view might not be represented…well, yes, that’s why people need to get out and vote, as well as to make their voices heard to their representatives in the different levels of government.  So, anyway, I filed this type of thought away for further analyzing, thinking that it would be a liberal gripe because of its religious nature.  Fast forward about a year and I’m discussing various laws from a religious perspective with some fellow Christian conservatives, and wouldn’t you know it, the same line of reasoning cropped up, only in a different form.  Turns out that there are some conservatives out there that do indeed think you should vote with your religious based morals as long as your thoughts on various laws line up with their thoughts, if not, all bets are off.

For the laws they like, oh, say, the death penalty…one that perhaps other Christians don’t support, all of a sudden they use the argument that God enters in and has set up rulership over others to keep the peace, work out His divine plan, etc… (which I believe) and we shouldn’t try to shift things too much…you know, like voting the way you feel lead to as a Christian.  I pointed out that the law of our land also says things like abortion is legal, so, should we not try to change that?  For some reason, no one wanted to touch that with a ten foot pole.  Yes, God sets up certain national leaders and directs history, no doubt about it.  But, He also lays a charge on us as individuals to be responsible within our own situations and cultures, and He happened to bless the USA with a representative republic…doesn’t that mean that it too is a part of His plan that we get to vote how we feel lead to in this great country of ours, even if my opinion on a law is different than yours?

Should we vote our religious convictions?  Can we vote our religious convictions?  I would think the answer to those questions would be obvious… I vote “Yes,” to both.

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