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God and politics…

I talked briefly about Religion and politics in an earlier blog post.  This time I want to shift the conversation to God and politics.  Many people have reacted in one of two ways to the outcome of the election; with great joy or with great sadness.

Regardless of our personal feelings, there is one thing to always keep in mind; God is in control.  Ultimately it is His will that indeed will be done, and He does influence and move certain individuals and nations at certain times to see that His will is carried out (ex: Romans 13).

Now, that in no way means that we are to follow a civil law or command that goes against our Christian faith or belief; there is plenty of scripture quite to the contrary(ex: Acts 5:29).  However, we all know that even when Satan, or even just human folly places the wrong person in a position of power, God can enter into all things to turn it to good.

In history, there have even been those enemies of Israel that God did indeed use for His own purposes.  Even those that set themselves against God and His people can and will be a part of His will.

So, either way; if God chose the next president and put him in that position, or if other forces were in play, God will indeed bend the present, and history to His use, it is all in His control.  As always we are told to fret not, and also that regardless of person positive or negative feelings that God’s will is what is important, and that we should all pray that it be carried out here in our current lives.


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