This is my Rules and Regs page; in other words, how to comment as to not get deleted.  First and foremost know that I welcome comments and look forward to them.  It makes blogging much more interesting to do and to read if people join in and comment.

The number one rule is respect.  That covers many many things, for example: “no ad hominem attacks against me or other commentators.” If you think I have a low IQ, good for you, here’s a cookie, go away… I’m not going to post ad hominem attack comments, as I’ve said.  If you suspect I have a low IQ, go read a mix of my entries, and my “about” page and make up your own mind; you don’t have to share… though if you do realize how brilliant I really am, complements are always welcome 😉 .

The second rule is to stay on topic.  Stay on the topic of the blog post at hand.  At The Christian Scribbler I cover a wide variety of topics, and cannot respond to every single comment that is trying to take off in a different direction.  If the topic is about Hell, for example, keep the responses about that topic.  Some leeway is allowed, but don’t switch topics so much that I could open a whole ‘nother blog about it, let alone another post.  If I’m blogging about Hell, don’t bring up Intelligent Design, and how it’s not a science and expect me to post your comment.

I also love to get questions. If you have a question about Christianity, feel free to ask it in a comment; if it is a legitimate question, I’ll try to post it and answer it in comment form, or make a new blog post out of it to answer.

This is a Christ-centered blog; no proselytizing of any other religions including but not limited to; Islam, Buddhism, Native Spirituality, Atheism, Hinduism, etc…  I’ve studied other religions in depth, and know that The Truth is in Christianity.  I can understand your beliefs, and even respect you as a human for holding them, and support your right to hold them, but we Christians believe humans, including ourselves, are answerable to God for our words, and our promotion of thoughts and ideas; as such, I’m responsible for the content of this blog, and take that responsibility very seriously.  I love discussing other POV’s, religions and cultures, but active proselytizing of other religions is what I’m referring to, as well as trying to lead believers away from God and Christ; that is a no-no.  Also, don’t bother commenting just to pat another proselytizer on the back.

Because of the nature of this blog, I moderate all comments, as such it may take me a while to okay your comment.  I try to get to each comment at some point, but I am a working woman and a full-time wife, so I fall behind sometimes.  Also, if you are not sure if your comment is on topic or not, send it anyway and I’ll moderate it; if it is I’ll post it.  Like I said, I do love having respectful conversations with people.  Don’t keep reiterating the same points over and over and over again, it is called beating a dead horse for a reason.  Even if you are a new to the blog and comment the exact same as another person, your comment may be deleted; as will comments whose main points have already been answered by me in the blog post, or other comments.  Please read all the blog post, and the other comments before jumping in, everything goes a lot smoother that way, and there is less “clutter.”

You can find so much negativity out in social media right now, I’m a lot less interested in argument than a I used to be.

These rules are subject to changes and additions as the need arises of course.

“Don’t feed the Trolls.”

4 responses to “Respect

  1. nice list. i had to institute a ‘house keeping’ rules on my blog too. tell me what you think. thanks

    • Kliska

      I like ’em. Maybe one thing to do is put a direct link somewhere on your blog to that particular article for easy reference, if the format of your blog will let you. I made mine a tab, so that (hopefully) people will click on it for easy access to the info.

      Grace and peace,
      The ‘Scribbler

  2. thanks for the reply. my house keeping is a tab on the top of the blog. i’ve only had a couple of people who really stretched the limits of conversation, but mostly i don’t get alot of comments so i haven’t had to ‘ban’ anyone yet.
    enjoy the day.

    • Kliska

      Ah, I couldn’t find it with the Christmas theme. Yes, I’ve had several that have been really disrespectful in the comments, but they only tend to show up with certain conversations. As long as there are rules to point them too, they have no excuse to act like that.

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