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Guitar n00b lesson…

Bleh.  Today’s lesson in one word; bleh.  My nerves were shot after a bad week…here’s hoping this week’s practice time calms me down a bit.  What does this have to do with Christian scribbling?  Why, taking up the guitar adds to my prayer time, “Please, Lord, let me hit this chord!!” 😉

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The ‘Scribbler took a vacation…

Sorry dear readers, I had meant to post about my absence before flying off to “exotic destinations” but forgot to post it in all the pre-vacation rush.  But, I’m back now and plan to finish out my “Catholic verses?” series very soon, as well as delving into new topics.

Oh, and if anyone was wondering from an old post; yes, I bit the bullet and am now attempting to learn to play the guitar; pray for my fingers and my instructor’s ears (and my husband’s 😉 ).  My third lesson is this week, so with everything going on, it will probably be tomorrow before I get another proper post up.

Yes, I had fun on vacation, but now I need a vacation from my vacation!!


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Make a joyful noise…

Psalm 98:4 Make a joyful noise unto the LORD, all the earth: make a loud noise, and rejoice, and sing praise.

Well, as long as the noise doesn’t have to be in tune, I think I’m ok… Hehehe.  Do you notice how much music is a part of being human, and also how making music is one of the ways we are called on to worship the Lord?

Music touches a part of us that is beyond even the emotional; it is indeed on a spiritual level.  Now, I can’t sing…well, I can sing, but not in tune and not very well.  I can, however play the clarinet, or rather I could and probably still can.  But I haven’t in a long time, and every now and then I get a longing to make music, or participate in it at least (and no, the clarinet doesn’t fit the bill for me now…have you ever tried to make joyful music to the Lord on a clarinet when you don’t even like jazz? 😉 ).

For a long while I’ve been wanting to learn another instrument; guitar, piano, or violin.  I’m also thirty years old…hmmm… too old to learn a new trick? I wonder.  So, I bit the bullet and went and bought me a guitar yesterday, and have tracked down a teacher.  So, should I jump in and really take lessons, or let my doubts and vanity get in my way?  You see, I have a non-Christian hang up with looking like a idiot, and I’ve no real idea about how, or what to start playing, I am truly a beginner, hence the lessons, hence the hang-up.

See, Christians are human too.  I thought if I posted about it here in my blog, it would light a fire under me, well, I guess we’ll see.  May the Lord be with my fingertips, and everyone else’s ears!

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