Known by my nick “Kliska” (or some derivation) around the internet on various forums, I’ve decided to enter the blogosphere with this blog.  I come from a small, rural community in the midwest USA, and have returned to the area with my husband after we completed our graduate degrees.  He holds a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, and is a fully licensed, and practicing psychologist.  I hold a Master’s Degree in counseling psychology, and am a retired college instructor that taught; psychology, sociology, philosophy, comparative religions, and logic.  After over a decade of teaching, I am now offering Christian counseling as well as apologetics courses.

So why “The Christian Scribbler?”  Because I have been a Christian for as long as I can remember, I have researched what I would call the other “main stream” religions, other, “smaller” religions, other philosophies, and have seen that the Truth of Christianity is The Truth, not a truth.  Christianity can withstand any scrutiny; logical, historical, emotional, moral, spiritual, etc…  I do not claim any particular denomination, nor do I claim any particular expertise.  I have, however, come to enjoy discussing issues from the Christian perspective; music, movies, news headlines, theology, apologetics, etc… and decided to begin blogging on these very things.  So, this blog is unlimited on what I plan to comment on from a Christian POV, I hope you enjoy it, dear reader, and if you don’t enjoy it, I at least hope it makes you think, or react in some manner.

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  1. mysterysolvedwithmessiahjesus

    Thank you for your comment on the ministry blog for Tzedakah Ministries. Would love to visit with you and find out more about your work, perhaps where you live and worship, and if there is a way that Tzedakah Ministries could work with your church home in the area of Jewish missions and evangelism. God bless. Shalom.

  2. Kliska,

    I just linked up to your swank cyber domain. You got a fan. Keep ‘scribbling’.


  3. carlgobelman


    I’ve read several of your recent posts. I especially liked the one regarding Christian movies and the explanation of the “catholic” church.

    I would like to add you to my blogroll, with your permission of course?

    Keep it comin’!


  4. Kliska

    I’d be honored to be added. Thanks for the comments!

    Grace and Peace,

  5. csbsblog

    Hi Kliska, I just found your blog and I love it! It’s a wider Christian perspective than the one that I find on many blogs. =) May I add you to my blogroll?


  6. reachingneveah

    Hey, I am new to the blogsphere, and uuuh, i was looking through ur blog, and just wanted to ask if u could give me a few tips on how to start a good blog…

    My theme is similar to yours. I am currently studying the bible, and I thought if I created a blog where i could interact and talk about Jesus then that would be good for my conviction 🙂

    So yah, if u are willing, a reply would be greatly appreciated 🙂

    • Kliska

      First, make it clear what kind of comments you’ll approve and what kind you won’t. On a religious blog it is even more important that you moderate the comments. I’ve had to delete several just today that did not have anything but rhetoric in them; they are useless for the conversation, so they get deleted. If you are a believer, be prepared if you start blogging about Christ, and the Truth, you will be attacked, so I’d suggest prayer. 😉 It is very easy to get frustrated with non-believers, try to lay some ground rules for yourself as to how you will respond to misunderstandings and rhetoric.

      Second, I would suggest typing up several posts before you get started, so that you have plenty to post when you start blogging. Also, make it clear what topics you are going to cover, even if it is in general…as I say, I’ll cover just about anything from a Christian perspective if the mood hits me.

      Finally, just write in line with your personality, be true to yourself and don’t try to be someone you aren’t when you are typing a blog post; if you use slang in your everyday speech, use it in your posts; it isn’t the same as if you are writing formally; however, if you want article-level blog posts, make sure you do put the time in and proof your stuff. That’s all I got for you right now, hope you have fun blogging!

  7. BASiQ

    Was trying to figure out if RED actually collab’d with BB and your blog had the confirmation I needed! Awesome blog man!

  8. SEM

    Hello again Kliska
    We ‘met’ on RR, and I have missed you since I left, as I so appreciated your input. Both you and ‘Tomski’ taught me so much, and it’s rare for me to feel confident to trust these days. Do you have contact with said young man? (Oops! no worries, I am a happily married old lady). 🙂

    I am astonished that I found you by Googling ‘Kliska Christian Scribbler’!
    Love and blessings from the former Expected Imminently

    • Kliska

      I definitely remember you from rr, and know Tomski too. I’ve not been on much of anywhere lately (the past few months), even on this blog of mine, so haven’t talked with him, or anyone else from the board in a good while. My internet went completely out, now it comes and goes minute to minute. It makes it almost impossible to download anything, and makes it very hard to reply to posts, and to put up new ones (the connection drops). Hopefully it is stabilizing now and I’ll be able to get back online to all “my” sites.

      I hope you stick around and feel free to comment on any of my stuff, I always look forward to hearing from online friends 🙂

      God Bless!

  9. jesusfreak

    Does this website have any sponsors? If so, who are they? I love this website, it is helpful in many ways!
    God Bless!

  10. Amazing Alex

    I saw The Navigator when I was living in Sydney. I just loved it. I especially remember the dates in it : 25th May (my birthday) and 7 March (wedding annv) (how scarey is that!. And (as a NZer living in Auz) I remembered it was a New Zealand-Australian collaboration.I have been searching for the name of this movie, like, forever… as I couldn’t remember the title, I thought it was The Seeker or The Searcher (Navigator doh).I would love to see it again. I am completing my BA in History and am doing Medieaval papers.Re-release? TVNZ??? Plague very topical!

  11. Joel

    Known you from elsewhere the net. Greatly appreciated your posts on apologetics.

    I wonder about your takes on presuppositional apologetics, which was espoused by Cornelius Van Til, Francis Schaeffer, Lewis S. Johnson and Greg Bahnsen and co. “The methodology focuses upon defending the entirety of Christianity as a worldview and engaging unbelievers at the foundational level of their worldview….Rather than compartmentalizing individual arguments and calling the unbeliever to reason with the Christian as to validity of each one as “proofs” for the Christian faith, presuppositionalism begins by “presupposing” the truth of Christianity and calls the sinner to repent of the erroneous “presuppositions” that shape his worldview. ” (from Fred Butler http://hipandthigh.blogspot.co.nz/2011/02/clearing-presuppositional-malaise.html )

    From your blog and other works on the net I suspect you would be regarded as using a mix between classical and evidentalist apologetics methods. Also noticed that you had never mentioned Van Til or Bahnsen on any of your writings on apologetics. I personally am now developing a mix between classical, evidentalist and presuppositional apologetics, but finding presuppositionalism attractive as an option.

    Also Fred Butler has a number of articles on apologetics from a presuppositional perspective.


    In particular, these two posts:



    It is true that most presuppositionalists are Calvinists, but there are exceptions such as Paul Henebury of Dr.Reluctant blog, is a Biblicist but a presuppositionalist, and R.C. Sproul is a 5-point Calvinist but a classical/evidentalist.


    • Kliska

      As you yourself have seen, I don’t utilize presup. apologetics as much as classical and evidential. The way that I look at the overall picture, however, is how I look at therapy styles in psychology. You don’t just choose one or two therapy styles and stick with them no matter what, instead you analyze who you are talking to and then pick an approach that fits the person.

      In short, most modern atheists are probably not going to respond well to presup. apologetics. They argue that it is circular logic, and they do have a certain point. You can help others see their own presuppositions, and that can be helpful, but starting out presupposing a God and that the Bible is 100% accurate will not get you very far with aggressive atheists. They can be helpful with believers of other religions who are used to having supernatural beliefs, however.

      The reason Calvinists favor that approach is that they already believe that every person’s fate is already sealed, not by free choice, but by God’s arbitrary choosing. Since that is the case, the atheist is either going to believe the word, or not. They do not believe that reason or evidence can sway an individual, only irresistible grace. To a true Calvinist, they don’t really see the point of classical or evidential apologetics, because they don’t think any amount of evidence would be enough to sway someone’s beliefs.

      I do think it has non-Calvinistic applications, and can be used with people who seem open to entertaining the idea of the supernatural. Just a few thoughts, let me know if you had any other questions!

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