UMC During A Time of Winnowing

One of the most divisive topics is now “threatening” to divide the United Methodist Church.  You can read about it here if you haven’t been following along; United Methodists Edge Toward Breakup Over LGBT Policies.  I don’t understand the “edging” bit, as the Methodists as a whole already discussed this and voted on it at their conference back in February.  The vote was clear; the traditional stance on marriage stands.

I get that if this continues to stand that the UMC is going to lose a lot of congregations and individuals, but why would the UMC be forced to split?  It’s been voted on; here are the beliefs of the UMC.  That means if you disagree with that, and are not going to follow the guidelines, then why are you clinging to the title of Methodist?  I would like to think it is out of some type of moral hesitancy to further split the body of Christ, but I’m not that naive.  What do I think is going on?  It’s one more way to tear down the Church from the inside out, it’s a way to take the UMC and publicly force it to bow to progressive ideals that do not accept the New Testament God-given and traditional Christian definition of marriage.

Make no mistake, this is a “Winnowing Topic;” it does separate the wheat from the chaff.  As you winnow, the wind carries away the chaff as it is not built to withstand the wind, rather it is driven before it.  The question of Homosexual marriage is one that cannot be skirted.  And, to be clear, I’m talking about God ordained marriage, not state ordained.  Just as we don’t rely on the state to baptize, nor to tell us who is baptized, believers should not, cannot, rely on the state to tell us who is or is not married.  This is why it seems traditional Christians are always harping on homosexuality; it’s not something that can be danced around.  It’s too much of a prevalent topic in society that those who deny that two men or two women can be married in the eyes of God stand out like a sore thumb.

Progressives can’t tolerate dissent, and anyone who does not agree must be taught a lesson.  That’s why I think there is so much “angst” over trying not to leave the UMC intact.  If it’s left intact, and it’s the progressive liberals that must leave, that is an admission of defeat of the ideal, and that is the unforgivable sin in progressivism.  The traditional Methodist are clear; they love and welcome anyone into congregations, and to some extent even the pulpit, but they are commanded by God not to love or approve of certain actions; hence, it is the actions that are not welcome and need to change.  One of the premises of Methodist belief is that we do have free will in that with the help of God we can choose our actions.  The liberal progressives within the UMC want to change the unchangeable.


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6 responses to “UMC During A Time of Winnowing

  1. I saw it comming. If anti-LGBTQ+ teachings stand, then the church has to be consistent and demote all women preachers, every last one as the Bible clearly states only men may hold the office of preacher.

    • Kliska

      Actually the Bible doesn’t state that at all, as women were deacons right alongside men in the New Testament, and there were prophetesses and female heads-of-house as well. But, in this blog post, I’m talking specifically about the UMC; the United Methodists. In the case of women preachers, the UMC has had female preachers traditionally; John Wesley himself (the co-founder of Methodism) declared Sarah Crosby a preacher.

      There are, unfortunately from my perspective, plenty of Christian congregations that accept homosexual marriage as in line with their beliefs. What everyone should be asking themselves is that if that is true, why try to take down or split Methodism when multiple conferences have upheld traditional marriage within the UMC? There is a bigger issue at play here, that’s the point.

      • I was SBC before I was UMC and taught the Bible forbids women preaching. I saw conservatives kick out moderates and liberals with gusto. When I heard about the BOD issue, I split. One rodeo was enough for me. Better to watch the circus from the stands than to be the main attraction. When you give an inch to conservatism, you’re letting them take a mile.

      • Kliska

        Obviously you and I disagree, but again, that’s not the point.

        The point is; there is a traditional Christian institution, a denomination with its own “statement of faith,” its own discipline, then someone that does not agree with the traditional and institutional stance wants to change those things, and demands the denomination change to be inline with new societal views. It would be like a Baptist that doesn’t believe that women should be preachers steps into a Methodist congregation and demand that women be banned from the pulpit despite women being preachers in the Methodist tradition at the time of its founding. There is a bigger issue here than “just” homosexual marriage.

      • The UMC isn’t built on tradition, Wesley’s quadrilateral throws experience into the works. If a church’s LGBTQ+ community powerfully impacts their region then obviously God is for them and not against. Life is change, a living church must change or else decline. That’s where the SBC is at: you’re travelling the same road and they are your future. The more change is resisted the more people flee from rigid traditionalism that has no grace.

      • Kliska

        You have a misunderstanding of the Wesleyan quadrilateral. It’s not if there is a change in experience then the other three legs get tossed out, and tradition is indeed one of the leg and scriptural authority is the base for the other 3. There are a lot of communities that are not Christian that “impact their region” that have nothing to do with God being “for” them. God allowing something is different than God supporting something. The Truth doesn’t change, and God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow. If there is change, it is to be in the heart of mankind coming inline with God and His will.

        I’m not traveling any road with the UMC, I’m not Methodist. I’m reporting the situation and pointing out this isn’t about homosexual marriage, it’s about the attack on a traditional Christian institution that is being split from within needlessly for the sake of progressive ideology that is extremely intolerant of traditional scriptural views.

        Grace is unmerited favor, it has nothing to do for or against “traditionalism.” Grace is necessary where there is sin, and a problem in our society is no one wants to admit what sin is, or that we all have it, or that with the grace of God we are supposed to flee SIN. The path is narrow, this isn’t a numbers game.

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