The Most Controversial Scribbler Post Ever?

I feel old. Is it really so controversial to say;

  1. Jesus is Lord
  2. Allah of Islam is not the God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob, nor is Muhammad His prophet, and Muhammad was not a good guy
  3. Self-Control is admirable; keep it in your pants til you’re married (and after you’re married, save it for your spouse)
  4. Marriage was meant to be for life
  5. In a related note; two persons of the same sex can’t be married in the eyes of God, and homosexual acts are sinful, though I support your right to designate your same-sex partner as whatever you want civilly and legally, and I believe gov’t needs to stay out of the marriage business
  6. America is not a horrible country, and in fact was indeed settled and founded by Christians of various backgrounds and beliefs, though we are indeed a secular nation in so much as we don’t think the state has any power over the church
  7. Capitalism is a wonderful thing, greed is not
  8. Hard work is better than laziness
  9. Sin is real… tied in really close with “Hell is real”
  10. I actually do love sinners, including my enemies, and hate sin
  11. Modesty, it’s about self-respect. Guys; I don’t want to see your butt, or your underwear, pull your pants up (of course that starts with wearing pants). Girls; I don’t want to see your butt or your underwear, wear long enough shorts and skirts… AND your cleavage; cover it up.  Is that so hard?
  12. The Holocaust happened… and it’s ok to compare the mass murder of unborn children to the holocaust, even though it is rhetorical, which brings us to:
  13. Abortion is murder
  14. Gluttony, gossip, lying, pride, and coveting are just as bad as any other sin.
  15. Christians are indeed hypocrites, but Christ isn’t, and at our churches we won’t mind one more hypocrite in the pews, c’mon in
  16. Speaking of; we are saved by grace through faith, not of works and that comes from the Bible, which is indeed the word of God…
  17. Drink but don’t get drunk, get mad but don’t sin, and realize your freedom in Christ but also realize your responsibility
  18. I really meant number 11; there’s nothing else you have to do in order to have an eternal relationship with God the Father except to have faith on Jesus the Son; Who He was, what He did, how He died, and that He rose again on the 3rd day…
  19. If you hear of Him and don’t put your faith in Him, see number 5.
  20. God is good

Does that get me to the “most controversial” level yet?  Seriously?  What a strange world we live in now.



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5 responses to “The Most Controversial Scribbler Post Ever?

  1. You are right….this will turn heads! Or lose them.

  2. Reblogged this on By the Mighty Mumford and commented:

  3. • You should set up a Facebook Page for this site! The more widely read your posts are, the more people you can agitate with your “controversial” ideas! 😀

  4. Some of these are obviously more capable of becoming controversial than others. Most of them are merely your choice of what to believe, as opposed to inarguable facts.

    Controversy is fostered when you present your version of truth to others in a manner that disrespects their right to believe something different from you. You have a right to believe whatever you wish. And others have just as much right to hold differing beliefs as you have to hold yours. Tolerance matters. Civility matters.

    Since none of us individually are the arbiters of eternal, incontrovertible truth, it’s wiser and more practical to live by example than it is to debate over matters of personal faith choices.

    • Kliska

      That’s the interesting thing; why is it that so many that want it to be ok for people to believe whatever they wish squall the loudest when someone presents and alternative view? I’m of the same mind as you; I think it’s perfectly fine in the US for others to hold dissimilar views than mine and I support their right to say it and believe it. However, in today’s day and age, if someone in public says similar things that I say here, they are not just disagreed with, they are viciously attacked and/or people act as though they can’t believe their ears (or eyes).

      The other point is that indeed, if someone says something is true, period, then subjectivists are suddenly offended. So, indeed, there are several incontrovertible facts in my list, not because I wish to believe it, or even because I “like” it. Jesus is indeed Lord, that’s not my choice, He just is. It is this type of grounding in truth that rubs people wrong in modern culture. I find it quite fascinating, and I wonder where all the hostility comes from. For example, if a muslim tells me I’m Hell bound, why would that anger me, why would it surprise me? Yet we see that type of explosive reaction against Christians on a growing scale. “GASP, a conservative Christian believes pre-marital sex is a sin, abortion is wrong, and think that homosexual acts are sinful!” that reaction is idiocy.

      Debating faith choices is one of my all-time favorite things to do; I absolutely love talking to materialists and supernaturalists alike, those who agree with me or disagree, doesn’t matter. It’s one of the most important conversations for anyone to have, and I had the pleasure of many such conversations teaching Comparative Religions at a secular college.

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