Christian Response to the Illegal Immigrant Crisis

The present crisis here in the US centered on illegal immigration can present a bit of conundrum for the born-again’s.  We have people flooding here that have nothing, are sick, are hurting, and are breaking the law.  So, what do we do?  Do we listen to our head or do we listen to our hearts?  The answer is both.

We are American Christians.  We have an individual responsibility, like the good Samaritan, and we have a responsibility to our country as good citizens.  So the answer can seem elusive, but it’s not.  As individuals we are to help those that are here that are legitimately hurting, scared, sick, and alone… mainly children and widows, those that have no church, those that have no family.  We feed them, clothe them, help them physically, mentally, and spiritually.

At the same time we call our gov’t to task for allowing this to happen.  Our borders are breached, our health is at stake, and this is taking away resources that the gov’t should be handling in fiscally responsible ways for people that are citizens of this country.  The borders need secured and protected.  The American people need protection from the terrorists, gang member, and drug cartels that are free to come and go as they please because we have had a series of administrations that refuse to protect us, as well as protection from communicable diseases.  We need to send these illegal immigrants home.

There is no paradox here.  This is our faith.  We do as we can to aid the needy, sick, and lost, AND we demand our gov’t enforce it’s borders and its laws.


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5 responses to “Christian Response to the Illegal Immigrant Crisis

  1. ifidieyoung78

    As a legal Swiss-American, and having taken great care to raise my boys 100% with English as their first language, all I can write at this moment is “Amen, sister”. May I never forget the cost of my freedom!

  2. Mark

    This article does not represent the teachings of Jesus. In the Gospel, Jesus specifically defines what followers must do: “help everyone who asks and ask nothing in return and you will be sons of your father in heaven.” In the story of the Good Samaritan, Jesus talks about true friendship. He gives examples of theoretical good citizens who pass the robbed stranger. It is a “Samaritan” (derisive at the time), who helps the robber and thus is a true friend. In these parables Jesus describes what one must do to follow his teaching, no room for interpretation. Jesus teaches that you have no choice but to do everything you can for these immigrants; you must love them; you must show them mercy and compassion; you must give them everything for which they ask regardless of the law. This is what you must do to be in true alignment with Jesus’ teachings. This article talks about sending “illegals” home and only helping “children” who are “scared, sick and alone”. Truly I tell you, these words do not reflect the teaching of Jesus. Jesus’ requirements can never be rationalized and remain the teachings of Jesus. The article has one truth: The answer to the immigration issue for Christians is not elusive. Distasteful possibly, but elusive? No. The words of Jesus are crystal clear.

    • Kliska

      I’m sorry, but you are wrong. You’ve left out scripture upon scripture telling us about those in authority over us, and our call to be lawful citizens of the countries in which we live. You also neglect to discuss what to do with the rapists, murderers, sex slave traffickers, gang members, etc… that are mixed in with the children. You would feed, clothe, care for and free into society child rapists. That is not Jesus’ teaching, and woe to anyone who does so. That is not what scripture says. You are to do two things as a Christian; help those that are hurting including giving them the gospel message, and also abide by the laws of your nation, and those that rule over you. Sending people home where they legally come from is not sinful, it is abiding the rule of law. You cannot pick and choose scriptures to follow.

      We should also be taking the gospel and aid to the home countries of these illegal immigrants in order to help change the culture in which they live.

  3. Mark

    Go back and read the Gospel again. This isn’t a matter of opinion. It’s a matter of understanding. Maybe you have missed the point. Go read and think about it, and put aside your fear and frustration. To be in communion with his teaching is not comfortable. You will now when you are on the path because you’ll feel the lack of comfort. Now, your rationalizing. Only love.

    • Kliska

      Do you know what the gospel message is? Truly, it is an important question. It is the good news that Jesus came, lived a perfect life, died, was buried, and rose again and whosoever believes on Him has everlasting life because He paid the penalty for sin, including yours and mine. How we treat others has nothing to do with fear nor frustration, but rather a straightforward understanding of compassion and law. Mercy and justice. Jesus is God, and He gets to set the rules, and He passed those rules on to us via scripture. Scripture is clear; we are to help others and aid them physically, mentally, and spiritually and we are to follow the rule of law as long as it isn’t sinful. Helping the immigrants with food, clothing and shelter while they are here is the compassionate thing to do, sending them back to their homes is the legal and lawful thing to do, and then helping their countries and spreading the gospel is again the compassionate thing. Teaching others not to come here illegally is of paramount importance because kids are getting killed, raped, sold into slavery, etc… because they try to come here illegally. We have to protect them, and part of that is to make sure their families don’t send them here with men who molest them, kill them, abuse them, use them, and throw them away; we call them “coyotes” here in the states and they thrive on illegal immigration, drug running, kidnapping, gun smuggling, and that’s just for starters. Please do some research, this is vitally important in helping these kids.

      BTW, when you are in right relationship with the Father via the Son, you will indeed feel comfortable and content in all circumstances, for Jesus brings peace, and perfect love casts out fear. I truly hope you know the gospel and faithe on Jesus.

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