Helping get the Gosnell mass-murder story out…

The mainstream media refuses to cover this story because it shows abortion for what it is; infanticide, or baby murder.  The story at the following link is indeed graphic.  Swallow it, folks, this is what abortion has wrought.

Philadelphia abortion clinic horror.


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2 responses to “Helping get the Gosnell mass-murder story out…

  1. Yes, a series of horrible crimes. And every time a safe, sanitary clinic providing voluntary services to the poor is closed down by protest, pressure groups or politicians you make another Gosnell more likely to happen. This IS what abortion was like EVERYWHERE before Roe V. Wade. A greedy, unethical doctor committed the crimes. The “Pro-Life” movement gave him the economic incentive. This is what the lack of universal health care and restrictions on sex education, contraception and family services has wrought. Can you swallow it?

    • Kliska

      You miss the point; the crimes committed here were numerous, even on the part of the women who chose to go there. If you are going to do something like murder your own child, you take on the risk of that. Here’s the main point of sex ed; if two people have sex and they are both sexually mature and functioning and are of compatible genders, there’s always a chance of pregnancy. If you can’t even contemplate carrying a child to term, don’t have sex. It’s a little thing we adults like to call self-control. It is possible. My heart breaks for all the children and women who are effected by this heinous act, esp. for those women who are taken advantage of by the pro-abortion movement, and left to try to heal the physical, mental, and spiritual wounds left in the wake of an abortion.

      Liberals crave and to some extent have succeeded in setting up government systems in a way that foster reliance on government, and a lack of self-sufficiency and responsibility. What should be supported are private, non-governmental, assistance for the poor, the pregnant, the young, etc… Instead they are too interested in taxing everyone to death, and being complicit in the murders of hundreds of thousands of children. The origins and practices of abortion are disgusting. Sexism, and racism flourish in this culture of death and murder.

      Thank God, there is forgiveness available through Jesus for anyone involved in supporting and conducting abortions.

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