Feedback; The Bible…

I had a recent question on my stance on the Bible; here is the link to a previous article on my blog: The Reliability of The Bible.  I encourage all the new readers to my blog (hello, BTW!) to utilize the “search” function on the side of the page when looking for certain topics.  As always, comments welcome…


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2 responses to “Feedback; The Bible…

  1. Ben

    Thanks for the link. Just so I know, if I have a question on an old post such as that one from 2008, is it permissible to ask it there even though the post is not recent?

    Thanks in advance.

    • Kliska

      Yep, as long as it meets the “rules” talked about in the “Respect” tab at the top of my page; any previous blog post is fair game for comments. Sometimes if your question stands on it’s own, as far as topic, I may make a new blog post about it.

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