Breaking Benjamin interview…

For those of my readers interested in delving into the minds of Ben and Chad of Breaking Benjamin a bit more, there’s a good interview to listen to.  It is broken down into parts, so you can pick and choose topics if you don’t want to listen to the whole thing.  They both talk about spiritual stuff, Chad more than Ben, no surprise as Chad is really open about his beliefs. Click here for the link. *ETA: Listen in, the site that had the interview has now taken down all their archives so this interview is no longer available.  However, go to youtube and do a search for their stuff and you will find it in small video chunks; for example: Ben Burnley speaks about how obvious it is that God is out there

Interesting bits; Chad backs up the fact that he’s a Christian, and his feelings about following God…also his feelings about how abused drummers are (lol).  He also makes an interesting comment about not really knowing Ben’s faith either, because it is a private thing.  For Ben’s part, the interview focuses on his fight with alcoholism, but he talks (briefly) in general about God, and won’t come out and talk about songs like “Without You,” again, perhaps he feels it is a private thing, as well as his rule about not telling what a song is about so that fans can read into it what they like.


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32 responses to “Breaking Benjamin interview…

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  2. Samantha

    I’m 15 years old, and I’ve been exposed to BB since I was ten. Now, as a teenager, I’m a HUGE fan of them. I am a Christian, though not quite as close to God as I should be, and I’ve grown up in a Christian home. Neither of my parents (mainly my dad) completely agree with, so called, “Christian rock.” They don’t want me listening to ANYTHING secular, but I have almost all of BB’s songs (except for those off new album, which I’m absolutely dying to get) on my iPod. Recently, I was told that the band “turned Christian”. I don’t know how true that is, but I’ve had a little bit of time to look up the songs of “Dear Agony”. I can see alot more relation to Christianity in this album than any other, but that might just be my mind playing tricks on me. I haven’t heard any swearing in the songs, though I haven’t listened to all of them yet.

    I really want to know your perspective of this album, and, do you think that maybe they’ve changed their genre to “Christian”??

    • Kliska

      They haven’t switched genres, as far as I’m aware, and I wouldn’t really ever expect them to. I do believe their latest album has more of a spiritual type component, and theme, but it definitely isn’t specifically “Christian.” I really like Dear Agony and you can definitely tell a difference now that Ben has sobered up, and is writing clean, and the theme of struggling is really evident. As for the swearing part, there’s one or two in the songs, but not many…however I did see them live this year and Ben can still fit the f-bomb between every other word if in the mood…even if it’s a good mood. lol Some of the rumors you’ve heard probably stem from Ben’s collaborating with Jasen of Red.

      All I can tell you is always follow the guidance of the Holy Spirit in your life in all areas, including what kind of music you listen to. I believe in a personal walk with the Lord in areas that the Bible doesn’t really touch upon, and that’s all about faith. Always keep in mind too that your parents are probably just concerned for your well being while you are under their roof and, I know it sometimes doesn’t feel like it, I remember what it’s like, but people who have parents who actually care are blessed. Obviously I pull a lot of spiritual themes and issues from BB’s songs and do love the band; pray about it, keep reading your scripture, and see what God would have you do if ever in doubt.

      • Wesley

        To me, the style of music should have no bearing on your faith. What is truly important is the message. For example, my roommate and I are devout Christians (he, moreso than I, sadly). Yet both of us are death metal musicians. To us, it’s all a matter of taste. I feel more comfortable in music that glorifies God with a power found no where else but metal. Search the bands In the Midst of Chaos or Impending Doom for Christian Death Metal. (BTW, Death metal is named after the band Death which popularized the genre. It doesn’t actually promote death or violence in its name. That’s for the artist and their message to decide.)

      • Christopher Hayes

        Amen, Amen, that’s all I’ve got to say ’bout that, But on a related topic, I’m also 15 years old and a mega fan of BB, all I need is Saturate and Dark Before Dawn and i’ll have every album. Still on the Christian topic though, I also agree that BB has shifted gears from a dark and demonic kind of mood to a bright Christian feel to their songs, i’m not saying the band is Christian, but from my experience with being a Christian for my entire life, I do think BB is starting to fall into the “lines” of spiritual and Christian. Just keep praying and hoping that they are Christian, and sooner or later, we’ll have no doubt that they are indeed Christian, but don’t and I repeat don’t stop praying. The more we pray, the bigger chance there is of them becoming Christian. While your at it, pray for literally everything, like I said don’t stop praying and we’ll all be Christians sooner or later, just keep praying (pardon my repetition) (and as far as BB goes, “sooner or later” wasn’t a pun, you should know what I mean). I’ll help you out, by praying also. I need to start praying more anyways, this ain’t exactly a good world if you know what I mean.

    • ben

      They havent changed to christian but the Dear agony album does have a more christian message to the songs. there are no cuss words and Ben said this album kinda came from his struggle with drinking and overcoming it.

    • Aaron Ward

      Hello Samantha, I too am a Huge fan of Breaking Benjamin, and I am also a christian, though I don’t believe they are a christian band. Though their song, “Give Me a Sign” makes me wonder if they are a christian band. That song has gotten me through much of my life. But, again, if you listen to “Until the End” and “Forgotten” (at least i believe that’s the name of the song lol), they use language that most christian bands usually wouldn’t use, and in their song “Blow Me Away” on their album “Saturate”, in the middle of the song, he yells out “Don’t fight me God!” which isn’t really towards christianity. But I’m pushing more to that they are a christian band. Their songs “Give Me a Sign” and “Dear Agony” could show that they could be. Hope this helps. 🙂

    • Ralph G

      Hi Samantha,..I’m a Christian and the idea that BB are not a Christian band started to make me wonder..I’m was a die-hard rock and heavy metal listener until I stumbled across some Christian music that was comparable with the secular labels, if not more so- this utterly amazed me, as I had always assumed Christian music was a bit too sappy for me..Talk about a complete evolution in sound!!..After hearing the Christian version of hard rock, I made the switch..It wasn’t easy, but now that it’s done, I haven’t looked back..So yes, the question of BB ate at me..
      After reading over some of these posts, a few were really enlightening..If you take a band like Crede, I think this guy was all about life, and Christian or not, tho I believe he is, he is not about crap lyrics like so many others..
      I’m willing to accept BB’s growing pains in the spiritual sphere, and after listening to some of their lyrics, willingly take them as a band of choice..

      I know I haven’t said much- was just hoping some ideas might help you
      Daily good luck to you, planted by our God Himself

    • I’m also a huge fan of Breaking Benjamin and only recently got all of their songs. But through all of my listenings I’ve found that they’ve only ever sung of hatred, dispair, violence, and very rarely of love, compassion, or for that matter God. But there’s a saying eat the meat and through away the bones in other words take the good and leave behind the bad. And on the question about Breaking Benjamin going christian, well in my opinion I don’t think so but let me know if it happens.:)

  3. Sky

    I know this is probably late but i just found this while searching random Breaking Benjamin stuff. I doubt that the band turned christian or that they will ever turn christian. You don’t really have to be a christian to believe in God. As for your parents just as Kliska said, it is good to have someone to care about you, but sometimes you may want to do something you feel like doing even if the others disagree. As for the censorship in their songs…let’s be honest, unless you live in a plastic bag at your age you hear that word a lot even if you don’t like it or don’t want to hear it. Just my 2 cents though.
    Also if you are into christian music another cool band is Skillet. They have some nice songs, i personally like Rebirthing a lot as it gives the allure of philosophy same as most Breaking Benjamin.
    And one last thing, I do sincerely hope that this band won’t ever turn to christian rock. Art has a real value when everyone finds something different in it. Knowing the purpose of an art work greatly diminishes it’s value.

    Sorry for my poor grammar =D

    • Tyler Secrest

      Wow that was a great point you made! That last paragraph:)
      Fireflight is another Christian band, you should check them out! They’re really a fantastic band

    • Just some thoughts, Sky. CHRIST-ian; Since the evidence and Scripture tells us there’s only one God, then it should be clear that you must be a follower of Jesus Christ to believe in the only God. I pray this becomes your conviction as well. BB is definitely very talented plus they have intelligent lyrics. There seems to be a transformation happening–maybe even spiritually–since some band members have recently been fired. It would be great if they evolve into a cross-over band without coming across as “in your face” or “preachy.” Although I’m all for positive lyrics and see no value in crude, rude, or profane language. I agree that art is subjective. But words carry specific meaning and intent–whether literal or metaphorical.

    • William

      I recommend Disciple, Thousand Foot Krutch, Skillet and Red they are alk christian and have the same music style

  4. LandonB

    I’m a Christian praise band bassist and a guitarist, and Breaking Benjamin is my #1 musical inspiration and favorite band. But, as of late, sometimes I wonder about Burnley’s faith. Do I believe that he know’s there’s something bigger than him? Yes. But that does not necessarily mean anything. There are many non-Christians that believe in something, just not God. While Ben does mention God in his latest album, it’s usually in a darker light, such as the line “God let me go” in the title track Dear Agony. However, I find it hard to believe that a non-Christian would have two outspoken Christians in his band and collaborate with the Christian band Red and help that band write Christian songs. They’ve toured with Chevelle and Flyleaf which have all Christian members but usually do not refer to themselves as Christian bands. Red has even helped Breaking Ben write songs for Dear Agony. If Ben is not a Christian now, then at some point I believe he will be. The Holy Spirit will convict him, which i think is the reason for the sudden shange of the bands songs. One thing is for sure: Ben may not believe, but he certainly NEVER condemns Christianity, which some flawed views of the song Evil Angel claim him to be doing.

    • Carrie

      Excellent points and glad to hear about chevelle, I like them a lot. Lol. I tend to listen to proclaimed “Christian music” most of the time but enjoy listening to creed, three doors down, and other “post-grunge bands” as well sometimes. I don’t necessarily consider them singing of the darkside of Christianity, but rather their dark life without God, or before Christianity, and often display the hope an peace they found after searching for so long. I think they are beautiful, as they remind us of where a lot of lost souls are at, and how close we can be to going back to that dark place. I think a reason for the genre they choose may be not to turn people away at the sight of the genre, because sadly too many run from the truth. I say this because I really don’t see them being too vague in their messages while still not calling theirselves “Christian music”.

      • Tyler Secrest

        I use Spotify and yesterday I discovered Fireflight and EarlyRise, FF is Christian and EarlyRise has a positive message from what I’ve heard. I just added Chevelle and Flyleaf to my Spotify playlist lol. Evil Angel is interesting because in the lyrics
        “I’m a believer,
        Nothing could be worse,
        All these imaginary friends.
        Hiding betrayal,
        Driving the nail,
        Hoping to find a savior.
        No, don’t,
        Leave me to die here,
        Help me survive here alone,
        Don’t surrender! Surrender!”
        It’s as though he’s singing from the standpoint of the man who nailed Jesus to the cross. That’s just what I’ve noticed.

  5. E. Rose Flagg

    yeah, this is really late, but I am a Christian, and got baptized about a month ago. I have loved Breaking Benjamin since I was 11 (im 13, now ), and Christian or not most of their songs give my insperation in life. Even “Dear Agony” gave me a sense of belonging. I had been in a bad place before I was baptized, weighted down by sin, when I heard “Dear Agony” and thought, “Yeah, God did let me go, but it was my fault, I drove him away”. BB will always be my favorite band.

  6. maxyne

    i love BB,even though i just heard about them like 2 days ago. My favorite song is Dance with the Devil,mainly because i haven’t listened to any other song.I’m a christian,and i’m trying to read through the whole bible (i’ve been putting it off recently),and im 12. I really like this band,and i’m glad that it has some believers in it so they can influence the other band members.

  7. Carrie

    Christianity is a beautiful, powerful, meaningful life. We need Christian bands, one thing I like about “post-grunge” is that often its hard to hear any other message than that of Christianity. I feel like they almost are a source of “infiltration” lol. Idk if my message is coming across the right way. I mean no judgement or harm, but IMO I believe Christianity is not capable of being kept private, in it’s authenticity.

  8. Carrie

    Samantha, I feel the need to express my personal realizations on this matter. I believe that judgementalism is the biggest deterrent of the Christian faith, as well as legalism. If you take the legalistic mindset, for instance on music, you can shut down many oppurtunities to share the word with others. Having a sin ridden past, filled with addiction, crime, immorality, as well as a very knowledgeable Christian background, my steps to walk with God are far from orthodox. I grow stronger everyday and ask that only the holy spirit be my compass, I listen to him in all and everything, because listening to too many people (specifically judgmental legalistic Christians, who happen to be the most contradictory of the message of Jesus Christ) can take you down a very dark and confusing path. Never underestimate the devil, never give him a foothold, let go of everything the Lord tells you, and seek only Him. I’m not trying to say that your parents are either judgmental or legalistic, I can see their concern, but God must be the ultimate judge. I have an amazon pastor, who has a love for the sounds of screaming guitars and deep bass, even some screaming(metal) and he has stressed that nowhere does it say that any of those things are wrong.

  9. Carrie

    Amazing pastor **lol. Also, what the devil may use for bad, GOD can use for good.

  10. Travis Reynolds

    I personally believe this could be a Christian themed band. If you pay attention in their song “Give Me a Sign” it’s referenced to salvation in Christ. Besides, I love the band! They are epic!

    • Aaron Ward

      Very true Travis! I am a very big fan of them, having five of their albums on my ipad. Give Me a Sign is probably one of my favorite songs from them, just because of the message in the song.

  11. Tyler Secrest

    I’m 15 and Breaking Benjamin has been my all-time favorite band for about 4 years now, I discovered them when I was 11 and looking up the Halo 2 trailer (lol). I am so glad this article was put up. I have Tweeted Chad personally because I wanted to do get drum lessons from him, but he was charging quite a bit, so I am learning from the Worship Pastor at my church 🙂 Breaking Benjamin appealed to me because of their intense spiritual messages and amazing melody mixed in with the alternative rock that they produce. Will always love the band:)

  12. Jackson Shirley

    I`ve been with breaking benjamin ever since Dear Agony (album) came out, then i listen to BB other album and i do see changes in BB albums.( Im more closer to my moms side of the family who are all Christans and i am too.) some songs from Phobia, Saturate, and We are not alone has something to do with either the devil, or against God. and at this point i`ve would`ev hated them, but then i found out Dear Agony was the last album to came out before they broke up and that made me wonder “Were they turning to christianty” then i`ve gotten to read all about Dear agony and from what i`ve heared its very possible. Chad (a former member of the band) said he was a christian. And Ben kept very small talk about his religion and more about him fighting his alcoholism. if it was up to me id say ben is getting to know christianity. I would`nt mind if he turned christan, infact id love it if he did, because we need more people to spread the word of god now a days since the world has fallen apart. Now i`ve heard that Ben is trying to put new members in the band, and i guess we`ll know if ben won against his alcoholism and see if he turned into a chistian.

  13. Anna

    For those of yall who love rock bands that are “Christian,” Evans Blue is also a great band to look into… it’s definitely not as well known, but has equally interesting messages… talks a lot about “their dark life without God” as Carrie mentioned. First song you should look up: “Kiss the Flag,” super good!!

  14. M-dizzle

    Just figured I’d say that they reformed with Red’s old guitarist. That might mean something. We can’t know for sure though,

    • William

      They only recruited him because he was replaced and he also wrote several of their top songs and the two bands have a pretty similar playing style

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  16. BB’s Phobia is the farewell of the AntiChrist’s last few moments on earth. Ben Burnley is spreading a message directly from God, whether he realizes it or not. Kudos.

  17. Kenneth Gilley

    Im a blood bought born again believer in Jesus Christ and i listen to breaking Benjamin great band

  18. Peter

    Phobia cover art-less the wings (which I’m sure is a mixed visual metaphor) is a depiction of Jesus on the cross, all the way to the figures head being down as he axphiates.

    If in reverence-which as a big fan of their music -it’s awesome!

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