Dear Agony…

Yes, it’s been awhile; major internet issues for months.  Anywho, Breaking Benjamin’s new album is out in stores and on itunes; Dear Agony is the title.  I’ll have a longer review later, but will just say that the sound is definitely different.  Not really better, nor worse, just different.  Some of the differences in sound could be due to the way it was recorded or edited or enhanced, but some come from Ben changing up his vocals.

It’s definitely worth the money, though I do have to be honest and say it isn’t my favorite album, and I will probably enjoy the songs more when they are mixed in with their other songs in my playlists.  There are several really good tracts, to mention two;  my favorite “Give Me a Sign,” gave me (the good kind of) chills the first time I heard it (I do like to hear Ben playing around vocally with the various notes), and the title track is definitely worth listening to several times.  Here is a link to an interview with Ben; if you are getting the album listen to it before reading this, then listen again afterward, it changes how you listen, and what you take away from the songs, IMO: Ben Burnley Interview

Chad, Mark, and Aaron do an amazing job on here as well, though I do have to say I would have liked to hear Aaron’s guitar a bit more, and a bit heavier in places.


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3 responses to “Dear Agony…

  1. velocityboost

    ‘Give Me A Sign,’ not ‘show.’ 😛

    Along with that song, I think ‘Anthem Of The Angels’ has a greater impact on me than the title track. But that’s just me.

    Anyway, just came across this. Hoping you get a review up sometime, I’d be interested in reading it. I accidentally scribbled a review down myself a few days ago – intended to write something else, and somehow ended up with four pages about Dear Agony. Not about the music itself, that’s not really my strong point, but more about the tale it tells. Hope to finish it soonish.

    Also, thanks for the link – it’s an interesting read.

    • Kliska

      I’m going to see the guys in concert at the end of January; should be interesting, I’ve not gone to hear them live before. I know I need to get a review up, but I’ve been spending all my time on my own guitar lately…practice practice practice.

  2. Shawn

    The concert was very good BTW. It was also interesting meeting the band. I think you need to type up a review for said concert… 🙂

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