Breaking Benjamin back in the studio…

Yes, my favorite band (secular alternative rock band Breaking Benjamin)  is back in the studio working on their next album.  The updates aren’t all that regular, but their first new single “I Will Not Bow,” which is said to be in the movie Surrogates, staring Bruce Willis, will be released on the radio  sometime around August 10th.  It should be available on itunes close to September 1st.  As far as the album itself goes, a set date hasn’t been announced but is tentatively (probably really tentatively) scheduled to come out around Sept. 29th.

My regular readers my not care, but I can’t help it…I’m excited!


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8 responses to “Breaking Benjamin back in the studio…

  1. Ryan

    Have you heard the Lyrics? I have read again, and again that Breaking Benjamin is not Christian, but I can’t help but be skeptical about that hearing “I Will Not Bow”‘s lyrics. Maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see, however I like Breaking Benjamin either way, I feel no conviction to give up listening to them, secular or not, their music motivates me. They have been my favorite band since they came out with “So Cold”.

    • Kliska

      As I said, some of the members are Christian…I would hope all of them are or will be…they just aren’t a Christian band. I love the new song, and hope to link to the vid that is supposed to be released today. And yes, they are definitely my favorite band as well, despite their secular label, because of the music, lyrics, and the emotion. Ben sounds as though he’s trying new things out with his voice, at least in “I will not bow” so that’ll be fun to listen to on the new release.

    • Garishi

      Interesting, “I Will Not Bow” was co-written by Jasen Rauch – main songwriter for Christian band Red.

    • Mark

      I know Ben has been sober and that the new album Dear Agony doesn’t contain profanity. I think something has definitely changed in Ben and the songs 04.Give Me a Sign and 10.Into the Nothing have Christian themes in my opinion. I’m going to see them in concert soon! I’m stoked.

  2. Adam

    I think it’s great to hear christians being open minded like you guys. Not saying your compramising your faith, but recognizing that not everything is evil. I think open minded people like you guys are a credit to christianity. Kliska your right, two of the band members are self proclaimed christians. GOD BLESS

  3. I read that he that he wanted do a Neighbours cameo! :O. Sounds a bit dodgy to me. There’s a part of me that sort of hopes this is not true lol.

  4. KT

    i stumbled upon this post and am now adding this blog to my favorites. 😀 rock on and God Bless.

  5. joshua lewis

    God bless you all. its good to see some fellow children of the lord on the web. i positively love breaking benjamin! give me a sign is my all time favorite.

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