Torchwood; Children of Earth. My thoughts…

So, during the normal US seasons of Doctor Who I add my thoughts on the eppy’s quite regularly, but during the hiatus I apparently have to fill some space with a brief Spoiler-filled discussion of Torchwood‘s five part miniseries; Children of Earth.  I didn’t like it.  Pretty much that’s it.  Heh.  No, really, there were aspects of the plot that I literally laughed outright when they hit me just right, and that was not the intention of the writers, I’m sure.

If any of you have read my Doctor Who articles, you know I’m amused and intrigued, as a Christian (and a conservative) , when some of the atheistic writers (such as RTD) throw in religious references and such…well, this time it wasn’t so much a religious aspect that got me laughing, but rather a political one.

Really simplified version of the plot; Aliens want some of earth’s children.  The Aliens are using the kids in a symbiotic manner that gives them a high; yes, a drug high.  The aliens can apparently kill every human on the face of the earth (which is never really even established), but are willing to trade earth’s overall safety for 10% of the children of Earth.  Britain’s gov’t is covering up the facts, and they come to a point of sending the military out to take their populace’s share of the children by force.  Captain Jack is at first pursued by the gov’t, not to help, but so that they can kill him if they can, and if not, so they can contain him.  Of course, that doesn’t happen; Jack is freed, Ianto gets killed by the aliens and in turn…Jack kills his own grandson to stop the aliens from taking the children or killing off humanity.  Yes, yes, RTD’s fingerprints are all over this ‘un.

So, I have to mention that RTD was interviewed about the plot and one thing he mentioned was that this is like the war on terrorism…no, not that he is in support of the war, but rather that our soldiers are  basically over there fighting, doing who knows what to who knows who…hmmm…yeah, completely missed that intention (in fact I agreed with the bloke that labeled the aliens terrorists).  What kept running through my mind was; This has got to be a big advertisement for the Second Amendment of the US constitution!  For those of you who don’t know, that’s the one talking about the right of the populace to arm themselves.

Yes, the British military is shown with automatic weapons and body armor invading civilian homes and taking their children for sacrifice…I mean, to appease the aliens.  The citizenry gets to “fight back” by running away and/or throwing things like bricks and rocks at the armed personnel…really effective.  Seriously, I was distracted to the point of not caring about the actual plot so much as laughing and pointing at the TV, loving the support of the right to bear arms.

The next thing that had me laughing out loud was when Darwinism was on full display, and it was meant to be taken negatively by the audience!  I love it, as this too seemed to be completely unintentional on the part of the writers.  So, we need to trade 10% of the world’s children.  How does the British gov’t decide which kiddies get a living death being crack for the aliens?  The dumbest 10% of the young population!  In a move that should make Darwin proud, and Hitler very happy, they go through the school records and prepare a sacrifice of the “weakest” members of the species.  Flows right along with Darwinist thought, though the writers seem to be making it a point that we should be horrified over…yet, I’m laughing…

Morally that was a wrong and evil decision.  From a Christian perspective that would never ever fly, and it is indeed horrendous.  But, from the supposed position of an atheistic Darwinist, it’d be the “right” thing to do.  Not only that but one of the “tree-hugging” members of the gov’t points out that this sacrifice…I mean trading of the Children, is actually a good thing; we get rid of 10% of the young population…think about all the disappearing carbon footprints both now and in the future!

Alright, now for general thoughts and commentary.  First, shame on Jack.  I’ve lost any respect for the character, and just with the Doctor was around to put him in his place.  Let’s not try to come up with an alternate solution to the alien dilemma, such as engineering replacement drugs for them.  Let’s not blow up the lone alien present on earth after we shoot a few rounds from two little handguns at the bullet proof glass protecting it and it doesn’t work.  Let’s not figure out how to resonate something other than a child to send a return signal (the aliens did just fine with a pair of earth-manufactured speakers oddly enough).  Let’s not ask the children for their help, or consent…No, let’s needlessly murder an innocent child that doesn’t even know what’s going on.

Was there any religious elements?  Several; a mention of someone who had once had faith, but offed themselves when they found out aliens were real because the person felt so small and insignificant.  Then there was the them of sacrifice throughout, and specifically human sacrifice.  I kept thinking of: Leviticus 18:21 And thou shalt not let any of thy seed pass through the fire to Molech… and, 2 Kings 17:17 And they caused their sons and their daughters to pass through the fire, and used divination and enchantments, and sold themselves to do evil in the sight of the LORD, to provoke him to anger. At one point Gwen brings up the Doctor and how she used to wonder why he didn’t always show up to stop the evil happenings, and how she know realizes how he must look away because of the shameful state of humanity…how wonderful for us that the real Messiah hasn’t done that.

Anywho, I’ve seen a lot better.  I also don’t know what this bodes for the future of Torchwood, nor the character of Jack Harkness…


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10 responses to “Torchwood; Children of Earth. My thoughts…

  1. Steve

    Did you ever see Stephen King’s” Storm of the Century”. It was an US Miniseries back a decade ago which essentially had the same plot as this Torchwood miniseries. Well the 456 was replaced by some demonic being but the same dilemma was presented to the town in that miniseries.

    Other examples of popular fiction where similar dilemmas have been presented includes of course Buffy the Vampire slayer where she was asked to sacrifice her sister and the Dark Knight with the whole ferry scene.

    Of all those presentations of the “sacrifice dilemma” I believe that the Dark Knight’s answer was the best. Buffy’s response was good but it was diminished at the end of the series when she stated that she should have acted differently.

    • Kliska

      I never got to see the Storm of the Century mini…I might be able to catch it on TV as I’ve seen it come up in the programming before. What was the Dark Knight storyline, in brief? What did the bat wind up doing? Now, if you don’t stop by again I’ll have to try to dig it up for myself.

      • Steve

        It wasn’t a dilemma that Batman faced.

        The Joker had put bombs in two ferries. One ferry was a normal passenger ferry with ordinary people in it, families etc and the other was a prison ferry that had innocent guards of course but mostly full of criminals.

        The Joker gave the people of both ships a button. And told them that the button was that of the other ships explosive. The first ship to press the button will survive. If neither the people of nether ship pressed the button within a given amount of time then the Joker would set off both explosives.

        Nether of the people of either ship pressed their respective buttons. And fortunately for all involved Batman got to the Joker before he destroyed both ships.

        Not quite the situation that Jack faced but close. Buffy’s situation was the one most closely like Jacks. Would Buffy kill Dawn to safe the world. She said she wouldn’t and I agreed with the decision. Unfortunately later in the series she does seriously tell Giles that she was wrong (which upset me because I thought she was right). Fortunately for Buffy she could sacrifice herself in Dawn’s place, which of course was an option Jack didn’t have.

        Now Storm of the Century, so close to Children of the Earth that King could almost sue for plagiarism (well perhaps not literally but almost).

        First part of the miniseries this Demonic like guy terrorizes this cut off island town during the worse storm they have had in over a century. Proving to them without a doubt that he could carry out the threat that he then makes. Which is precisely the threat that the 456 made. Either give him a child or he will destroy the town.

      • Kliska

        I remember the batman one now!! Yes, I too loved the outcome of that one, and also remembered the Buffy one. Thanks for the reply!

  2. We sacrifice children in the womb every day, and thus allow self absorbed and irresponsible females and males to get and remain “high” on their “rights,” according to constitutional law.

    Just a thought that came to me as I read.

    • Kliska

      The whole idea of abortion crossed my mind too when they were talking about sacrificing the kids…what was interesting was the fact the characters tried to distance themselves from the emotion of the decision by calling the children “units.”

    • Adrienne

      Wow, the way you put that isn’t sick at all. I’m quite sure that rape an incest survivors who’ve had abortions really feel like they are getting high off of The Constitution.

      • Kliska

        Don’t present a straw man; the people DB tagged as getting “high” on their “rights” were the “self-absorbed and irresponsible” types, not rape and/or incest survivors. If you are going to put forth an actual argument, do so, don’t resort to rhetoric. One of the sad aspects of a female getting raped, and that rape resulting in pregnancy, is the further trauma they suffer from an abortion, both mental and physical, if they choose to abort the baby. That also brings up the fact that the woman did not choose what happened to her, but the baby had nothing to do with it either; it didn’t get to choose who it’s biological father was, but that isn’t a reason to kill it; the constitution should protect that little one’s right to life as well.

        As always, since this is a Christian blog, I’ll point out that no one is righteous on their own, including me and everyone reading this, and women out there who have made that tough choice to have an abortion can be, and are if they are a believer, forgiven by God in love through Christ’s sacrifice and God’s great mercy and love. There is true freedom from guilt and fear when one comes to Christ, and abounding forgiveness for all of us!

  3. Yes, “UNITS,” like Fetus, Embryo, Zygote. Any term will do that dehumanizes, in the mind and conscience of the perpetrator, the human being about to be sacrificed at the alter of their “entitlements” and “rights.”

    The only solace we have is to know that these lost lives are with the Lord now, and they will live in perfection, with us, in the ages to come!

  4. Roger

    Once again people who understand evolutionary biology and believe that it explains the variety of life we see here on Earth is broad-brushed into being some kind of group of savage pro-eugenics fanatics, ala Pol Pot. …never mind that an arbitrary decision to murder a portion of the world’s children is actually counter-evolutionary as slow blind statistical natural selection forces are trumped by the pre-conceived “intelligent design” of the leaders making that decision. This show sounds more like a cynical and ham-handed commentary against “Darwinism” and atheists than it does some sort of argument for either. But then, this might be a case of Poe. 🙂

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