Dead saints omniscient?

I was just reading a RC question and answer forum, and a question about prayer to “saints” came up; Does one have to pray out loud for the saints in Heaven to hear them?  Good question, and one which I hope shows the person is really thinking through this praying to anyone other than God situation.  The way the RC presents prayer to the dead, they (the dead saints) would have to be omniscient in order to explain how they could hear unspoken prayer.

The priest that answered the question underscored this with his reply; yes, the dead saints can hear your thoughts, no need to pray aloud.  Hmmmm….. this whole thing just once again backs up the point; we should only be praying to God, He is the omniscient one, He is the one that we abide in and who abides in us.  Christ is our mediator, and the Holy Spirit is our intercessor; we don’t not require the intercession of any of our dead fellow saints (all believers are saints).  There is no scriptural evidence that the dead saints can hear our thoughts.

Folks, direct all your prayers to the Lord, not to any fellow creature.


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2 responses to “Dead saints omniscient?

  1. akakiwibear

    A very late reply – but don’t protestants sometimes ask others to pray for them? That is the same as asking the saints to intercede. But wait you say the saints are dead – they are spirit, so I guess they don’t need physical sound as they don’t have physical ears.

    I leave you to track the biblical reference to life after death. Perhaps you base your point on an assumption that good protestants who die (yes they are saints) don’t know what is going on in this world.

    Sala kahle -peace

    • Kliska

      Yes, indeed, saints on earth are told to pray for one another. No, it actually isn’t the same thing as asking saints in heaven to intercede. They are dead in that they are not in the physical realm anymore. We are separated from our bodies upon death and present with the Lord in a spiritual state, upon the rapture and resurrection of the dead, we’ll be united with our bodies once more. I’ve tracked the biblical references to life after death many times, and my stance of not talking to those that have passed on comes directly from scripture. We have one mediator between God and man; Jesus, and we are indwelt by an intercessor; The Holy Spirit. We are told not to communicate directly with those who have passed on.

      The assumption is that upon death, those in Christ are somehow omniscient when it comes to the happenings on earth and that they have power on their own to intercede…not only that, the priest that answered the question my blog post speaks of said the saints can also hear unspoken thoughts, there is no evidence of this in scripture, and again, besides all of that, we are told not to communicate with those who have passed on. When a person is seeking the intercession of a dead saint, they are asking the saint themselves for that supernatural intercession, not God, that’s a no-no.

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