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Nightline’s “Satan” Panel, pt. 2; Carlton Pearson…

The other individual on the “there is no Satan” side of the panel is Carlton Pearson (“Bishop” Pearson).  His supposed credentials to sit on this panel includes the fact that he calls himself a former “demon-caster-outer.”  No, I’m not kidding, and that is not my “word” but his.

Pearson apparently, at one time, believed in the Devil, and in demons as well.  He claims to have attempted to cast demons out of folks.  Well, what can I say about Pearson?  The man had faulty theology, and the man still has faulty theology.

One of the necessary factors a person has to have in order to approach certain subjects is proper knowledge.  Pearson’s knowledge is sorely lacking.  What do I mean?  Just as one example, he used to think of Satan as the “cartoon character” version; hoofed, fanged…you get the idea.  Now, when I here someone talking about Satan in this way, I know that they have faulty theology, and are not conversant with scripture.

I’ve mentioned this before, I believe, but Satan isn’t some grotesque looking monster…quite the opposite.  He is an Angel, after all, and was above all the others before his fall.  One of Satan’s best setups right now is the fact that people have painted him as looking like our worst nightmare, when in fact he appears often as an angel of light, and I mean that figuratively in the way he manipulates, and quite possible literally if he decides to make an appearance.  Pearson also believed that the Devil was somehow omniscient and omnipresent…where that idea comes from, I don’t know, but it isn’t found in scripture, quite the opposite.

Anywho, so Pearson’s theology was and is flawed, that severly restricts his ability to form an opinion that is supported by Christian teaching (as he still claims to believe in Christ).  One of his early answers to evil, “stop believing in it, and it will go away.” Hunh.  I hear a recurring pattern between Chopra and Pearson; evil’s in our heads.  Tell that to a person who’s kid has just been kidnapped and murdered, see how far that goes as an actual logical answer.

Pearson mainly seems to have a beef with mainstream Christianity and goes off on a tangent of griping about legalists, and his belief in the “mystical Jesus.”  Yes, legalists can get annoying, but I thought this panel was about the existence of Satan.  If Pearson ever actually managed to connect these two things to the main theme, I never caught it.  Again, later in the discussion, Pearson misrepresents Christian teaching on the Devil, instead he relies on fictional stories.  For example, he says he doesn’t believe God sends you to Hell and turn you over to the Devil.  Yeah, one thing we actually agree on.  Hell isn’t the Devil’s domain, right now, earth is, and Hell isn’t under Satan’s power.  Hell isn’t Satan’s home, it’ll be his prison some glorious day.

Another tangent; Pearson runs off at the mouth about something else he knows nothing at all about; text. crit. of the Bible.  I don’t know where he’s getting his information from as I’ve even heard atheists with more love for the Bible, and more knowledge.  Basically Pearson is under the mistaken belief that the Bible doesn’t have a lot of manuscript support, and that we can’t be sure of the content…this is odd, since even secular scholars agree that the Bible has more manuscript support than pretty much any other collection of documents.

If it seemed like I was wondering around a bit in my post, it is because this is the ground Pearson covered as well.  One of the more tense moments of the debate was when Pearson kept intimating that Annie Lobert was the cause of all the evil that happened to her in her testimony, which I will cover soon.

Long story short; Pearson believes that evil is all of our own making, including Satan and demons.  It does bother me to have someone who claims Christian knowledge blabbing about things that they were/are apparently ignorant about.  BTW, Pearson and Chopra had a love fest going on between them…well, Pearson was all about Chopra and Chopra looked a bit nervous about this…

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