Jason Castro’s testimony…

Here’s Jason’s testimony, yes, he’s one of the contestants from last year’s American Idol.  His bro made it through to Hollywood this season as well.  I always enjoy hearing people talk about music and Christian spirituality…

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9 responses to “Jason Castro’s testimony…

  1. I have such a difficult time getting through his mousey voice. He loves Jesus, but ugh, he needs to pray for a little bass in his voice box. 🙂

    • Kliska

      Hehe, Jason doesn’t do very well in interviews anywho, he’s a bit shy. His fans love that voice of his, so I think the prayer support would be mixed 😉

  2. Linda

    Jason has a beautiful lower range, although he didn’t always use it in his songs on American Idol.

    I love his testimony. He’s a pretty special young man who would make any parent proud.

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  4. dwilli58

    I was always drawn to Jason, as I watched last year. He had such a gentle and joyful nature about him. He was unassuming and peaceful, even when he struggled with the music genres.

    I was very touched by his statement, “I want to be a loving father, a faithful husband and servant to all.” We would be so much better off with a few more Jasons in this world!

  5. Lisa

    I loved hearing his testimony, although it was slow and drawn out, which was hard to stay still and listen to the whole thing.
    Loving Father, Faithful Husband, and Servant of All, how sweet! Giving our life for God to use. That is what we are on earth to do.
    It was neat to hear that church camp was where he became a Christian. Makes me want to support helping more kids go to camp. So many times we forget that things of eternal value are all that will matter someday when Christ burns up our works, and all the dross and things that seem so important now will be burnt up. We will be left with only the things done for Christ.


    Wow, I just want to say that i can only hope and pray that my boys would grow up to have a Christ- like attitude as Jason does. I know he will go places and take the “message” to the world through his “gift” of music. God Bless You Jason. Your brothers and sisters are praying for you.

  7. Tracee

    Its kind of funny but apparently I have been living under a rock for quite some time now lol. I have never heard of him before and I saw him sining on a facebook page of my friend and I instantly though this man knows my God. He has to. I looked him up as much as I could and came to this site. I think its great that you are using your gifting for Christ and I also think its great that you are not afraid to sing both christian and no christian music and know that christ can even use songs that may not have any mentioning about him in them to plant seeds for the kingdom of God. Living your life the way God leads and actions are the best seeds of all. God bless you Jason and your beautiful voice and talent as a artist to praise and worhip him. I pray that as you know the Lord more and mature in him in the differnt seasons of life he will take you to new levels of worship and knowing him.

  8. Caitlin

    As Christians, we are not supposed to focus on his voice but what his voice is saying. Jason has an amazing testimony and he’s doing amazing things for God and the Kingdom. His talent is rare and I’m so glad he’s using it for God’s glory.

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