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“Global Warming,” just another human ego trip?

I caught the ending to a show about global warming on TV and got a hoot out of one person’s comment.  It went something like, “we’ve got to realize that our generation has the fate of the whole world in it’s hands, etc… etc…”  Now, this person was apparently serious and I don’t believe that they intentionally employed hyperbole, but the sheer arrogance of that statement actually made me chuckle.

Humans have such an inflated view of themselves, and honestly the environmentalists have less respect for the environment than most of us regular type folks (and of course leave God completely out of the equation).  What I mean is this; the environment was set up to handle massive variations…look what happens when there is a volcano.  There is more pollution released by a volcano than we piddly little humans could manage, yet the environment copes.

It just struck me even more forcefully that there are humans pushing this idea because they are indeed on an ego trip, just thought I’d share.

Tell those poor people up in Alaska that (manmade) global warming is real, and is a bad thing…negative seventy-eight degrees…bleh.

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