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For our own good…

I’ve been in the middle of a conversation with an individual who cannot comprehend an important aspect of God’s character; His desire to improve and enhance our lives.  Here’s some of the background of my thoughts on this.  God gave us His law…that law is not only righteous, but amongst many other things, that law is for our benefit.

Let me give a couple of examples; the cleanliness laws of the old testament (these laws are also very interesting from an apologetics POV, but that’s for another time).  Those laws were not just God being arbitrary, they were for the benefit of the people who would follow them.  Those laws would help protect the people from various diseases and plagues, as do the sexual purity laws.  Not only do the purity laws protect from disease, they also provide a stable environment for children to be brought into the world.

In the latest conversation I had, the aforementioned individual basically tries to paint God as an egomaniac that demands worship based upon some need of God’s.  I explained, quite patiently, that having God as the center of worship is good for us.  Anything else that becomes the center of worship for a human is less than optimal.

If people worship food, they get into health trouble, if it’s money it festers into greed and can lead to all kinds of evil.  If we worship nature, we are worshiping something less than the Creator, and you can’t covenant with “nature.”  God wants good for us humans, and what is good for us humans is to worship Him.  He’s perfect, unchanging, absolutely Holy and Just whilst being perfectly Merciful as well.  He never lets us down, and again, He wants to do good for us.

He’s the only source of a perfect, eternal relationship with another being.  No other relationship can compare; other relationships are flawed and/or they will pass away.  Other relationships tend to inevitably bring emotional pain, however temporary, to those involved at some point.  No other being has the capacity to literally know our thoughts, our feelings, to be able to number the very hairs on our heads…

What God puts forth for us to follow is indeed there for a reason, for many reasons.  Don’t try to twist God’s benevolence into something base…for one, it’s just not true, and for another, you miss out on the benefits and insight that seriously looking for the reasons brings the searcher.

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