The Eleventh Doctor…

Yes, this is old news by now, they have cast the eleventh version of the Doctor in Doctor Who, but I thought I’d post this clip for all those who haven’t seen/heard Matt Smith actually talking about the role;

It’s really odd to me, for someone this young (he’s 26) to be playing the Doctor!  I had such a bad reaction when they changed the Doc from Eccleston to Tennant, but then absolutely loving the Tenth Doc, that I’m willing to give anyone the chance now.  I’m sure his youth will play into the plotlines, so that will be exciting and fresh.

The poor Doctor, though…still not ginger.


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2 responses to “The Eleventh Doctor…

  1. Martin

    Why does he need that big thing of hair covering one eye? I think it looks stupid. Also, if the quality of the stories remains in the pit, I think you can count me out. I loved Midnight and Gridlock, but what was up with that Lazarus story? “I’m tampering with genetics, and now I’m going to turn into a MONSTER!! RAAAUUURRRGHHH!!!! I’ll get you Doctor!!! If it’s the last thing I do!!! RAAAAUUGGGHH!!”

    Pfft. I’m sorry, but so far none of these can compare to a good Tom Baker episode…

    • Kliska

      There’s a lot of people, including me, that hopes he doesn’t turn into the “emo” Doctor. 😉

      Yes, I actually enjoyed most of RTD’s eppy’s and some of Moffat’s…put sometimes Moffat’s storylines grate on my nerves, so I’ll just have to see. As far as Baker is concerned, he’s the Doctor that introduced me to “Doctor Who” but I have to admit it was Tennant that made me really move “Doctor Who” to the top of my favorite TV series list.

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