Doctor Who news…spoilerish…

Say it isn’t true!!!! Oh, the anguish; Tennant steps down as Doctor Who.   Well…at least he’ll be around through all the Doctor Who specials in 2009.  On a positive note, perhaps this means the human-Doctor and Rose will make a reappearance at some point in the series? Ten’s been my favorite Doctor so far, and whoever they do wind up choosing, they have some work to do to keep the show up to par.

How depressing…but it’ll make the Specials…special. 😉

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4 responses to “Doctor Who news…spoilerish…

  1. Gareth Aston

    Whilst I agree that dear David Tennant will be sorely missed I have great faith that the programme will continue from strength to strength. Tennant’s contribution to Doctor Who has been great. He’s made it cool again when it once had a very poor reputation amongst young people. Obviously the writers had a big part to play in the programme’s redemption and I think the appointment of Steven Moffat bodes well for the future. The episodes he has written are among some of my all-time favourite stories, although Douglas Adams’s ‘City of Death’ still remains the high water mark for me.

    I had the good fortune to catch a preview of the upcoming Christmas special a couple of days ago. Without wanting to spoil anything for you, I have to say from what I saw that I think it unlikely that David Morrisey really is ‘the Next Doctor’, despite the episode’s title. There were a couple of clues just in the few minutes I saw that he isn’t the real thing. I wonder who they’ve really got in mind for the role. I’m hoping they go for a relatively unknown actor; someone who’ll give it their all like David Tennant. Although I enjoyed Christopher Ecclestone’s portrayal, I always got the impression that he rather felt the part was beneath him. Certainly, he didn’t exhibit any of the obvious delight in the role that David Tennant did.

    (Imagine me with a cheeky grin whilst reading this next bit). As a teacher of logic, I wonder what you make of the 2nd Doctor’s remark to Zoe that “Logic merely allows one to be wrong with authority.” ;>)

  2. Kliska

    I’ll miss some RTD’s style I’m sure. Some of Moffat’s stuff was top notch, some of it I could’ve skipped and not felt like I’d missed much. Eccleston hooked me into the new series and so I owe his Doctor that (the TV movie was just “OK”)…Ecc’ pulled of the wounded Doc’ really well. It might have helped that I hadn’t really seen much of his previous gigs, so he was an “unknown” to me.

    I’m not holding my breath on the new Doctor…they do so love to tease about that, so I don’t believe much (even show previews) until I see the actual episodes air.

    I actually like that line, as I’m definitely not a logician, nor a Vulcan ;). Logic is a tool, not an end of itself. Logic, like other tools can be used for good or evil, and can be used correctly or incorrectly…to teach other or to try to lord over others. Yes, the various Doctors have had some very very good lines about all kinds of subjects.

  3. Peace on Earth

    I’m surprised you say you could’ve skipped some of Moffat’s episodes. From me, all of his stories were outstanding within their particular series. However I’ve noticed a gender divide regarding the Moff (do you think this nickname will catch-on? It reminds me of ‘don’t hassle the Hoff’!) My partner didn’t like Moffat’s episode from series two at all. In fact she really disliked it and felt it was disloyal, even unfaithful, on the Doctor’s part to fall so obviously for Madame de Pompadour. I, on the other hand, had a tear in my eye at that episode’s conclusion. Imagine how dreadful the Doctor must have felt; he has twice as many hearts as the rest of us!

    I was only ‘pulling your leg’ (as we Brits say) with the logic quotation. There are some fantastic lines of dialogue in Doctor Who (both new and classic series). I’m also rather keen on:-

    “Sgt Benton! Chap with the wings there! Five rounds rapid.”

    And every time I watch ‘The Three Doctors’, the moment that the 2nd Doctor leaps back in surprise at seeing the alien jelly-blob shouting “Oh my giddy aunt!” makes me laugh out loud, even though I know it’s coming. Not that I just enjoy the humour you understand. Particularly since the re-launch, I’ve often been on the edge of my seat with suspense.

    Just before I go (I’m in work at the moment on my lunch hour) I thought I’d mention ‘Survivors’ to you. It’s another ’70s remake, this time of Terry Nation’s grim vision of the future. Basically nearly everyone dies apart from those who are naturally immune to a deadly virus. I haven’t seen it but there’s a strong rumour going round the BBC that one of the members of the cast is going to be the next Doctor.



  4. Kliska

    Ehhh…yeah, that was the problem I had with some of his storylines. If Moffat had written the episodes to fit the current version (RTD’s) Doctor, I’d have liked them better. I guess what I mean is that I really liked “Girl in the Fireplace” but it didn’t fit within the actual storyline at the time it was shown, if that makes any sense. With that Doc’s love of Rose, the happenings in the eppy kind of stuck out like a sore thumb, though if there had NOT been the relationship between the Doc and Rose, I’d have loved it.

    The new show sounds interesting…though I still am not holding my breath on all the Who rumors flying around.

    BTW, I’ve just now started to get over my illness, and should be returning to other comments soon; I’ll probably just have one summary answer since it as been so long; sorry, but I don’t post comments that ask questions/argue against my posts unless I have time to answer them back in a clear headed manner because of the serious nature of my apologetics/religious posts.

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