Why the Tree of Knowledge?

I’ve had several conversations with people lately surrounding the idea of the Tree of Knowledge.  Why was Adam given the choice, or opportunity to disobey God…or rather, to not have faith in God?

That answer is quite obvious; Adam had to be given some form, or kind, of choice in order to truly have free will.  It is plain that God does not want humans as robots, or else He could’ve very easily made Himself a bunch of automatons to populate the earth.  So, in order for there to be free will, there absolutely must be a choice available; The Tree of Knowledge was that choice.

Now, I in turn ask the question; Why was the Tree of Knowledge the choice?  Why didn’t God just say; “You see that tuft of purple grass…don’t step on it.”  Would that not have been a free will choice between obedience and faith or disobedience and a lack of faith?  So, why the Tree of Knowledge in particular?

We are not directly told…but just mull it over a bit.  Here’s my opinion; if we were going to fall, which God knew we were, we needed the choice to be the tree.  If we fell, in other words, something about the choice itself would aid us in the future to get back to God.  I believe the Tree served that function.

If the Tree itself provided us with an idea of Good vs. Evil, then that absolutely helps us find our way back to God.  For one simple example, The Moral Argument for God is basically derived from that very idea.  The fact that humans know there is right and wrong (even if we disagree on the details) gives evidence of God.  A true and meaningful sense of morality only makes logical sense if there is an absolute and objective source for that morality.

The Tree did not create that morality within us; God did…but perhaps the Tree let us tap into it.  If the choice had not been that tree, it may have been much much harder for us to return to God because we would not have recognized right from wrong internally.

We have to has that internal sense of right and wrong in order to recognize our sinful state, and that is the beginning of the realization of our need to “get right” with God (which can only be done ultimately through Christ, of course).

In short, I do believe that Adam was “funnelled” to the Tree if he was going to disobey in order to derive some benefit from it, even though that choice resulted in the fall.  On a side note, it is important to remember that everything revolves around faith.  It is faith, or a lack of it that results in sin.  So, beyond eating of the Tree, Adam and Eve lacked faith in God and what He had told them…that was the foundation of the sin right there, not just the “work” of eating the fruit, and only through faith do we get back to God.


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10 responses to “Why the Tree of Knowledge?

  1. dwilli58

    When I was drawn, by God, through His Son, to believe, it was this portion of His truth that really grabbed me, at first.

    I had spent many years trying to deny God, and when I finally had believed and read what the serpent said to Eve, “Surely you will not die” and “You will become like God when you eat of this fruit,” then the realization came to me that I had bought into Satan’s lie, just like Eve and Adam.

    In the movie, The Devil’s Advocate, Al Pacino, the Devil, claims that his most effective weapon is man’s vanity. “Sacred in the secular!” Yes, Adam and Eve’s faith and trust in God was overcome by their vanity. Unfortunately, Satan is still being successful with this same lying ploy today!

    Thank God, that He made the Tree of Life the thing to be avoided, so we could recognize right from wrong and be drawn back to Him!!

  2. Kliska

    Yes, on the flip side, we have the Tree of Life…it wasn’t until recently I realized that the Tree of Life does indeed make a reappearance in our future.

    Yes, our vanity is inspired by Satan’s…it takes different forms depending on the century we humans happen to find ourselves in; in this century it’s naturalistic, atheistic science that we think of ourselves so highly in…but it is the same tune played on a different instrument…

  3. dwilli58

    I wrote Tree of Life, when I meant Tree of Knowledge! Sorry for the blooper!

  4. Kliska

    Well, ya know, they are both important…and we wouldn’t want the Tree of Life to feel neglected 😉

    Speakin’ of knowledge…my fingers have toughened up nicely with my guitar practice…though my instructor had to cancel on me today because of illness…so I’m stuck cleaning my house…The Shrink will probably even notice, since I’ve been neglecting it for the guitar as of late. Ha!

  5. dwilli58

    You’re experiencing the “What I did for love…” part of music!;-) Have you rocked out on the “Louie, Louie” chords yet?

    I’m a woodwinds person, myself: sax, clarinet, flute, as well as functional piano. Guitar has always defeated me for some reason. I never last long enough for the callouses to form on my pinkies!!!;-)

    Yes, The Tree of Life is much more important! We’re nibbling on it right now!

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  7. Kliska

    Ha! Yes, it’s hard to remember my other responsibilities when my guitar is staring at me (I set it up on its stand in the living room…by the TV…so I’d have to see it 🙂 )…BUT for the The ‘Shrink I put it down and clean, fix supper, do the laundry… And, I’ve got my callouses going, even on my pinkie…though my ring finger that has a scar on the end is giving me fits. *sigh*

    First chair clarinet right here! (Out of about 7 or 8 😉 in school ) I never could get into things like jazz, so only played classical in band (and marching band/pep). However, I’ve never been one to pick up my clarinet and play when alone. I’ve not played in years…but I wanted music back in my life, so that’s why the decision to pick up the guitar.

    It’s tuned down right now and I can’t get “Louie, Louie” to sound right…so much to learn, but so much fun to give it a try.

  8. dwilli58

    I was a bandy also: 2nd clarinet in concert band, 1st tenor sax in dance band and marching band and percussion in orchestra. I drove my band director crazy!

    Hang in there, Pete Townsends and Al Dimeolas aren’t built in a day;-)

  9. Kliska

    I tried to get my band director to let me learn (and play) soprano sax, but our school was so small she said she couldn’t get all new music for it (I’d have been the only one playing it)…so I never tried it out.

    Yes, I’m about ready to add an electric guitar to the mix…The ‘Shrink wants me to get one pretty bad, so at least we’ll both play it…though he won’t let me teach him how to play it “right.” 😉

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