Fret not…

My husband, The ‘Shrink, seems to think this is a timely message, and so do I.  The stock market thinks it’s a roller coaster, and I personally know many fellow believers that are under attack, physically, mentally, spiritually, financially, etc…  Here’s a link to a write-up of a sermon that Doc Scott, and Melissa Scott did/does on this very subject of not fretting: Fret not, Fret not, Fret not.

From the sermon, “This particular man, “Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down.” And this is something I want to highlight, because if you are in the fretting mode and feeling consumed by your circumstance, God is still ordering your way. He is establishing and making firm your footsteps. It means there is a possibility while you’re in God’s program, and on God’s path, you may fall. In fact I wish I could just retract the word “may” and just say you “will” fall, because we’re all born in Adam. We’re born that way and because of what Adam did we are perpetual fallers. But, “He shall not be utterly cast down.” Many of you have read the passage, “A bruised reed shall He not break,” and I look at that and say God cares for His creation. It matters to Him. Why are these instructions given to us? Because He knows the lot of those that are going to press in and follow after His program, tempted, tried, bruised, almost broken. This is meant for encouragement for anyone going this direction.

“For the LORD upholdeth (the translators added in italics) him with His hand.” God’s going to have me “underneath bottomless.” It means when I fall, and when you fall, God’s ever-present, merciful hands will be there to catch us. There is no place so low that it can be underneath bottomless. This whole picture tells me that God already sees and knows. There is not a particular instance in the life of a believer that God has not already covered in His word.”

Fret not.

For a related post see my, “A Call for Calm

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    Thanks Kliska, I’m sending this url on!

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