People as Blessings…

Just random thoughts about life, nothing too deep (no, you don’t need a shovel).  Many times, at least I’ve found, blessings come in the form of people, and if we aren’t on the lookout for them, they can pass us right by without our acknowledgment.

In life, there are people we will know for as long as we live, or as long as they live.  Death separates some of us for a time, and that’s when blessings can hurt the most…the separation from someone we dearly love, even if we know they’ve gone to a better place and that we’ll join them someday, is rough.  But, the fact remains of their blessing status in our lives.

I’ve lost all four of my beloved grandparents already, and they all truly were blessings given to me (not me alone, but you’ll have to pardon my self-centeredness in this post).  Is the pain at their loss a small price to pay for all the wonderful times and love given in life? Absolutely.

Then, there are those who come into our lives for a short while.  Strangers can even fall into this category.  I remember one day in grad school (that’s grad school, not grade school) that I was walking outside and had something heavy on my mind.  Apparently it showed, and I had to have had my “burdened” face on…well, a guy whose name I might never know passed me by, grinned, and said “smile.”  It made me laugh, and in that moment was he not a blessing?  It was years ago, yet I still remember it, and it still makes me laugh.

Then there are those that fall somewhere in between; friends, close and distant, that add something to our lives for varying amounts of time; teachers, class mates, students, baristas (you know, those that make your espresso), supervisors, bosses, co-workers, people we “meet” on the ‘net…  I just think we need to remember that blessings come in many different ways, many different forms.

That doesn’t mean it has to be any big mystical thing, but, as an example, I need reminded that my students are each individuals making their way through life and that God, for whatever reason, has brought them through my room, perhaps just for a semester.  I do count several of my present and former students as friends, and love recognizing a human connection between…humans.  Perhaps if I can keep in mind the kindnesses done to me, as a student, I can try to give some of that kindness to them as a teacher.  Sometimes it’s a listening ear, or a joke, or a piece of candy…little things are indeed important.

There’s no doubt about the other side of the coin; there are some people that tear others down, belittle, and who hurt us; sometimes physically, emotionally, mentally, etc… where there are humans, in this life, there will be that type as well.  That makes the others, the little moments of kindness, compassion, and humor all the more precious.

In an age where a lot of connections are made over electronic devices; such as cell phones, and the internet, it can be a rare thing to stop and really recognize that others are flesh and blood, have feelings and lives and pain and joy, just like we do.  Humans are humans, not perfect, especially around each other…however, I do acknowledge that there are humans in my life past, present, and future that add something, or have added something meaningful to my existence that may not even be aware of it…that’s both a happy, and a sad thought, is it not?

(Hmmm….maybe you did need a shovel after all… 😉 )

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