The ‘Scribbler took a vacation…

Sorry dear readers, I had meant to post about my absence before flying off to “exotic destinations” but forgot to post it in all the pre-vacation rush.  But, I’m back now and plan to finish out my “Catholic verses?” series very soon, as well as delving into new topics.

Oh, and if anyone was wondering from an old post; yes, I bit the bullet and am now attempting to learn to play the guitar; pray for my fingers and my instructor’s ears (and my husband’s 😉 ).  My third lesson is this week, so with everything going on, it will probably be tomorrow before I get another proper post up.

Yes, I had fun on vacation, but now I need a vacation from my vacation!!


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4 responses to “The ‘Scribbler took a vacation…

  1. dwilli58

    Louie Louie: Guitar Chord Chart!

    All major chords:

    DDD, GG, AAA, GGA, Repeat until dizzy!!;-)

  2. Kliska

    Wonderful! Thanks! I’ve learned all of those chords already, so will have to give it a go. He’s got me learning a simplified version of “Every Rose has its Thorn….” See, I’m rockin’ already. 😉

  3. dwilli58

    Rock on!!!!!!;-)

  4. Kliska

    Hehe…”luckily” I found an instructor around here who likes all kinds of music including Rock; folk rock, alternative, metal, and, yes, Christian Rock. Most people think it’s funny that I can listen to secular alternative (“angry music” The ‘Shrink calls it), and then switch to contemporary Christian and be just as happy. Teach seems to similar in his music tastes, so I don’t feel quite so much like a dork…quite so much.

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