Don’t ever forget…

This post was meant for yesterday; on September 11th, but due to the weather knocking out my wireless, I’m posting it today.  I believe the delay on my part was meant to be, because that delay made me realize my own point; we cannot forget what happened on September 11th, even when it is not the anniversary of that day.

People have psychological defense mechanisms for good reason; they help us cope with life.  One of those mechanisms is repression.  We can push thoughts aside that cause us pain, or distraction.  Sometimes, though, it is helpful to override that mechanism for important issues; and the attack on our country on September 11th is one such issue.

We must never forget it, never become complacent, and never forget for an instant that there are those who wish to do this type of thing again.  I do not advocate fear; far from it.  We just have to have common sense, and a memory…

vid by Madgoat1621 over on youtube

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