Carbon Leaf, Doctor Who, and Stargate; just because…

One of my favorite vids on youtube introduced me to a band that has quite an interesting sound, very Indie or folk rock.  I owe that introduction, BTW, to my brother who first discovered the vid, so because I can, I’m going to introduce my readers to Carbon Leaf via their song “What About Everything,” and three vids that feature the exact same song.  I never really get tired of hearing it, and I’m betting you won’t either.

As you listen, pay attention toward the end for the line; “What about that midnight phone call…the one that wakes you from your peace,” it’s the one that gets me in the gut every time I hear it.  If you’ve gotten that midnight phone call you know exactly what that line is talking about…

First, the Stargate Atlantis vid by “footindasink” on YouTube, this is indeed one of my favorites:

Second, a wonderful Doctor Who vid with “What About Everything;” this one is edited together very well and is by “Emery16Board”  and showcases both Nine and Ten:

Third, the guys themselves.  This is a video that was done at “SudFlood” in ’07.  This was done after the Virgnia Tech shootings.  “What About Everything” is over at 4:51, the sound goes downhill from there as they caught the end of another Carbon Leaf song, “Mary Mac;” which doesn’t do them justice, IMO (the recording, not the song itself).  This one was posted by “CarbonLeafTerry” which I take to be Terry Clark of Carbon Leaf.

And, finally, just because I can and because they sing this hymn so well, here’s Carbon Leaf singing “Gloryland” A Cappella posted by “Angelynn77:”

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  1. Think you might enjoy this “What About Everything” Doctor Who vid by babelcolour. The best I’ve seen.

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