Pets in Heaven…

Will there be animals in heaven?  Will my pets be in Heaven?  Will my pets go in the Rapture, and if they don’t, what will happen to them?  If you’ve been around Christians long enough, these questions will and do come up.  They are not meant to be taken lightly, nor should they be.  Humans have strong bonds and emotional attachments to animals; animals, our pets, our work companions, are a part of our lives, and most of us believe gifts of God.  When we have a pet pass on, or a pet growing old, we begin to contemplate these issues.

First, there is no Biblical evidence decidedly for or against our pets being resurrected or taken to Heaven.  It disturbs me when I see someone pronounce a definite decision either way.  In this post, I’m going to talk about my opinion, but first a clarification on the issue.  When people ask me, or ask this question on a message board, “What about my pets?” I have one question to ask back that will supersede all others; “Do you trust God?”  That’s the real issue, do you trust Him?  If you can answer that question, the animal questions are covered.  If you can (and you should) answer “Yes, I trust Him completely,” then you can totally 100% rest your heart about your animals, no matter what happens.

Second, I do think there is Biblical evidence of animals in Heaven.  After all, the army of the Lord rides down on horses, do we not?  So either there is indeed a Heavenly stable, or they are conjured for us between Heaven and Earth.  Heaven is beyond our ken; 1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God hath prepared for them that love him.

We also know that animals are precious in God’s sight; He sees every little sparrow that falls, and values them, though He values humans more, as we are made in His image.  We know that living animals have nephesh or a soul, though theirs are different than ours.  We know that love and loyalty are wonderful things, also gifts of God, and what allows us to show both love and loyalty better than our pets?  Adam was put in the garden to tend it, and was responsible for naming the very animals.  We have a connection to the furballs/hairballs that cannot be denied.  Our ancestor Noah, under God’s direction, help, and guidance, built the ark that carried their ancestors to safety, we are assuredly connected.  For a glimpse at the deeper side of animals, make sure to read the story of Balaam’s Ass in Numbers chapter 22, I’m sure many times they are quicker to catch on to Spiritual things than we are…

It is also possible that they will be resurrected during the Millennial Kingdom; we know for a fact animals will be on the Earth at that point, living peaceably side-by-side.  Or, it is possible that our pets will be made new when the Heavens and the Earth are made new; after all, He did say He was reconciling all of creation to Himself, and was going to make all things new.

In my family, our animals (we’re a dog family) are a part of our family.  I’ve cried tears onto their fur while mourning loss, or guilt for something I’d done.  I’ve cried tears without them after they’d died.  I’ve laughed at their antics and my life has been made richer for them; they’ve reminded me of how God is master of creation, and a God of love, life, and joy.  Do I think we’ll be seeing them again? Yes, but I’m not going to pretend to know for sure.  But, I do know for Truth and for Fact that I can trust God to deal with my pets, and yours, completely Righteously, Mercifully, and with Love for them and us.

Perhaps a fitting question to end this post would be, “Will your pets be seeing you in Heaven or on the new Earth?”  Never forget that we need our Shepherd, to believe on Him, to have faith in Him, for we are but “sheep” gone astray.  And, our relationship with Him is what takes center stage.

Trust God, have faith in Him, fear not, everything will turn out just as it is meant to.

Be thou comforted, little dog, Thou too in Resurrection shall have a little golden tail,” –Martin Luther


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9 responses to “Pets in Heaven…

  1. Scribbler, where else but at a clinic that tests animals (PETA should love that reference), will you find a place that sounds like a petting zoo – only much safer and cleaner?

    Only heaven would be my answer.

    The wolf will live with the lamb,
    the leopard will lie down with the goat,
    the calf and the lion and the yearling together;
    and a little child will lead them.

    (Isaiah 11:6 NIV)

  2. Kliska, thought you would be interested in this timely story from the Kansas City Star:

  3. Jan Rasmussen

    Hello, I found your discussion on animals and heaven comporting, as I lost my two fury children (Master Blaze and Miss Bonnie) in March 2008 and November 2007. It has been hard, but I have kept to the belief that God does love me and that he loves Blaze and Bonnie, who showed characteristics of God (patience, unconditional love, caring). Anyway, thank you as so many people seem to think it is a silly issue.

  4. Susan

    We lost our Snicker Doodle, a tri-color Bassett Hound on May 3, 2009. She had cancer of the spleen and after a trip to the groomers, she began to bleed internally. We had to give her back to God. The grief has been beyond what words can describe. I am so thankful to God for letting us have her with us for 12 years to love and be loved back unconditionally, thankful for the laughter (she was my little clown), the constant joy, comforting, and the cuddling. Only believing she is now in Heaven with our Lord waiting for us is the only thought that brings any comfort or relief. I’ve decided to believe that and only that, and will not let the evil one torment me any longer with any other end to her story. God created these wonderful creatures for us to love, enjoy, and learn from and with something so perfectly made for us, it just does not make any sense at all that He would let that perish into nothingness. Yes, she will live in our hearts, but I look forward so very much for the day we are reunited again for ever and always. There are so many who do not know the loss, nor believe these creatures have any spirit or soul, yet anyone who has loved one knows that is absolutely not true.

    • Rick

      I have also come to the same conclusion that you have about the prospects of seeing my little dog, Peanut. She lived a life of nothing but showing love for everybody unconditionally. I lost her after 15 years of having the best companion a man could ask for. I know by Gods grace I will some day be reunited with her. If only all humans could exhibit this same love for each other the world would be such a better place.

  5. tinkerbellsmommakat

    I just found you wonderful blog and this lovely article. I hope you do not mind, but I copied it and posted on my blog

    A dear friend lost her precious chihuahua Kia yesterday. She had rescued Kia from a puppy mill 7 years ago. I felt this article would help her aching heart.

    Of course I gave you full credit with a link to your blog. This was beautifully written.

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  7. Jan Rasmussen

    My cousin died in 2009 after battling cancer for just under 2 years. I inherited her dog, Nicki (cousin to Master Blaze and Miss Bonnie Rasmusen who died and I have already written about them both and God’s grace and love). Well, after a short period of time, Nicki developed Pancreatitis and nearly died, but with lots of prayers, including one from an Atheist, Nicki survived. This year, he developed cancer and had this huge malignant tumour. Again I prayed to God along with friends and Nicki came through. And recently another tumour (benign) was removed. Nicki is still with me and going strong, however, what I noticed is God’s amazing grace towards small animals who impact greatly on our lives. I think sometimes God allows these gorgeous creatures to survive horrid diseases, as it may, even without us really knowing impact on others and the impact may end up being very positive. I know I keep telling everyone about the miracles I have experienced since Cuz Nicki came to stay. I also believe (a child’s belief maybe) that Master Blaze and Miss Bonnie Rasmussen are up there each time I’m saying my prayers including prayers for Nicki and they are speaking to God as well. I agree with one of the people who commented on how different this world would be if we had the nature and unconditional love that these gorgeous fury creatures show us. I believe we are truly blessed.

  8. Jan Rasmussen

    I don’t know if God allows for our animals to come and visit us or to watch over us, and in the event of our deaths, meet us. However, I pray that God allows for Blaze and Bonnie (and if Cuz Nicki dies before me then him as well) to meet me. When Bonnie died, Blaze and I slept on the lounge for a week waiting for her ashes. When Blaze died I slept on the lounge with Bonnie’s ashes waiting for his ashes to be returned to me. But during that week about a couple of days following his death, I was awake. I assure you all I was not asleep, and I heard the footsteps of an animal come down my hallway. I jumped off the lounge to look, but nothing. The reason I’m writing this now is that Cuz Nicki and I were on the lounge two nights ago and this time I heard a distinct jump (the jump that Blaze and Bonnie use to do from the bed to the floor). I jumped up and rushed out the loungeroom towards my bedroom. Again nothing. I do not feel scared in my house. At times I feel rather comforted. For me, I believe that God does see the beauty in these creatures and I believe that God will allow Blaze and Bonnie to meet me when it is my turn to die. I also believe that at times we need comfort and maybe God allows for them to visit. In my prayers I sometimes tell God to give a pat to Blaze and Bonnie who I imagine are by his feet giving their voice to any of my prayers or in the fields of Heaven. Anyway, I decided to share this with you as some of you may also have experienced something similar. Cheers – Jan.

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