Joss Whedon’s at it again…

Anyone who likes Buffy, Angel, Firefly, etc… knows who Joss is, and most people who like his work like to keep track of what he’s up to.  Currently, he’s engaged in a web-based “experiment.”  It’s entitled Dr. Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog and features Neil Patrick Harris, Nathan Fillion, and Felicia Day.  Of course, being a Browncoat (a dedicated Firefly fan), I think it is worth watching just to see Cappy (Nathan) again…but that’s beside the point.

The story comes in three acts, the first two having already been released; the third and final online act will be released on July 19th…the three acts will only be available to view until midnight on July 20th, then they will be taken down; available elsewhere to download for a fee, followed by the release of a DVD with extras.  Joss is attempting this experiment to see how the future of TV/Movies will fare if they’re released in this new format.  His “Master Plan” behind Dr. Horrible is a must read to really get at what he’s attempting to do, as well as absorbing his views on the writers’ strike.

As for a review, having seen only the first two acts, Joss’ wit is in full force.  I don’t agree with Joss’ religious ideas and gripes (he’s an atheist, and I could write about the irony of some of his plots and quotes, just as I did with Russell T. Davies and S. Moffat with Doctor Who), nor with his political leanings, but the man can write some humorous dialogue and scenes.  Be prepared, it really does feature the actors singing, so it is a blogger musical.  Heads up to my readers who care about such things; there are several curse words used, and also sexual innuendo, slight violence as well…and if you don’t like Joss’ humor, you probably won’t find this the least bit funny…but, I’m sure he’d say “your loss…”

The story follows Harris as “Dr. Horrible” (note irony: Doogie Howser, M.D.) and “Captain Hammer” (note irony; Captain Mal Reynolds) as they carry out their feud which brings “Penny,” a cute bystander who Dr. Horrible is in “love” with, into the fray.  The way it is shot is meant to simulate “low-budget” technique, and capture the style of an amateur video blogger.  Regardless of whether or not you like the clips, it will be interesting to follow this story to see how Joss’ little experiment turns out.

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