Jesus; The Lamb and The Lion via Breaking Benjamin

Yesterday I talked about finding the sacred in the secular.  Today, I want to give an example of what I mean, while getting to the point of this post.  My current favourite band is Breaking Benjamin, and I can’t really recommend them to my Christian brethren, though there are many fans of theirs that are Christian; BB is alternative rock, secular, and like to add in the occasional (well placed) curse word.  However, Ben (Benjamin Burnley, lead singer) writes music that hits people on different levels, and encourages fans to find their own meanings to their songs.

One of the reasons that I like this band is their ability to capture certain emotion, and I don’t just mean when they’re screaming at the top of their lungs (which they occasionally indeed do, to very good affect). And, I don’t just like them for the themes that their songs make me conjure up, though that is part of it.  Sooner or Later, a song off their We are not Alone album, makes me think of Jesus and His position as King, and as a Lion, and of life and death without Him.  Now, to make this perfectly clear; I do not think this was Ben’s intent in any way, shape, or form (the song is more a self-reflection style song, and they are not a Christian band, although we know Mark and Chad believe, and ex-band member Jeremy); however, this is what certain verse make me think about.

Sooner or Later
…You’re like an infantile
I knew it all the while
You sit and try to play me
Just like you see on TV
I am an oversight
Just like a parasite
Why am I so pathetic
I know you won’t forget

These lines call to mind the way Jesus is often portrayed by TV preachers; like He’s standing head bowed, hat in hand knocking on your heart’s door, begging, for His own sake, to be let in out of the cold.  He’s also portrayed like a sure-fire celestial slot machine; a genie-type wish granter.  On the other hand, legalistic TV preachers often portray Him as a cosmic killjoy.  These images, that make me personally ill, stick in the minds of non-believers, and it definitely affects how they think about Him and even how they think about Christians.

People, even some believers, like to think of Christ as a Lamb, which He is; what they don’t like to dwell on is the fact that He is the Lion as well.  He is both suffering servant and conquering King, He brings mercy and forgiveness but also a sword of truth… in fact, I read a non-Christian’s write-up about The Chronicles of Narnia in which Aslan, a lion, is the Christ-figure.  The writer bemoans the fact that a lion is used; says it doesn’t fit Jesus’ character…he’s apparently never read the Bible, or he’s listened to too many of the “preachers” this song makes me think of.

…Just call my name
You’ll be ok
Your scream is burning through my veins

We are promised in scripture that whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.  All it takes to get the relationship going is for us to call upon Him with a true desire to know Him better in our hearts.  When we do, He hears us, and wants that relationship too.  One of the images I love to mull over is the idea that we are called sheep in the Bible…and sheep need a shepherd, ours just happens to be a Lion, full of power and protection for those that call upon Him, and He indeed should be a point of fear to those that come bringing trouble to His sheep.

…Sooner or later, you’re gonna hate it
Go ahead and throw your life away
Driving me under leaving me out there
Go ahead and throw your life away

These lines make me think of what will come to pass if someone dies still rejecting God and Christ, unfortunately, and also not to let those image of Christ being peddled on TV stick in your mind; learn of Him on your own, through scripture.  If someone doesn’t come to Him, and embrace eternal life, they are in effect, throwing their lives away.  Most humans, believers and non, and I really mean this, strive to make their way through life the best way they know how.  Many people try to leave the world a better place than they found it…but in essence all of that, without Christ, won’t wind up having a permanent effect.  Even those that don’t believe in anything acknowledge that; our short lives are over far too soon, and we will all probably be forgotten within two or three generations…but, with Christ, our lives find their true meaning, ultimate fulfillment, and we carry on after death, even to a new Heaven, and a new Earth.

Why is it such a bad thing to deny Christ…the next lines in the song change “Throw your life away,” to “Throw my life away.”  By denying Christ, we are basically spitting on His life, and His death.  He suffered horribly, and died so that we might live, and if we deny Him,  we deny His life.  The next go around, the lines get changed to “Throw our life away…” which is ironic, because the name of the album, as I mentioned is “We are not Alone,” God is with us, for sure, and the relationship He offers is such a close one, He offers to be with us in good times and bad, that He will never leave us nor forsake us…imagine throwing that relationship in the garbage…  I love the power, and emotion in Ben’s voice, and the music to underscore the idea of a Person in the position of power, again, just in my own thoughts.

I have two main points in this post; first, just because something is indeed labeled “secular” doesn’t mean we can’t pull something out of it to add to our spiritual lives, we just have to be careful and follow the Holy Spirit’s lead.  And Second, Jesus isn’t a pushover.  He’s not a beggar.  He’d not only the Lamb, but also The Lion.  In Him, God’s Mercy and Justice meet, and He displays both God’s love and His power to mankind.  Whatever the preachers push on TV, and there are some good ones alongside the bad, don’t forget the seek Him one-on-one and through the scriptures and really learn about Him.

For anyone interested, here’s Breaking Benjamin’s video for Sooner or Later at youtube:

Edited on March 19, 2010 to add this link to a relevant article; Breaking Benjamin interview.  Ben and Chad mention issues of faith in the linked interview.


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  1. roger

    Thanks for the blog. I found it while looking for info on Breaking Benjamin as my son (11) has been exposed to one of the songs through a friend and the soundtrack to Halo2. I told him I’d check out what i can on BB.

    I am a repentant religious person who continues to find more and more of God’s touch in most everything, or at least the longing for God in most of everything, including this song. One could totally argue that Marilyn Manson’s work has some wonderful arguments for Christ if we proof-texted his music, or were mature enough to look at it in light of man’s need and desire for God.

    That being said, I am personally wrestling with guiding my son through the process of seeing God in the secular without necessarily rubber stamping the secular as a word from God. Not looking for you to answer the question, just letting you know of the wrestling match.

    A question I do have is, in this journey, I’ve come across the band “Three days Grace.” I think Ben was wearing a t-shirt of theirs in a photo. Anyway, what do you know of that band and/or the context of the name “three days grace?”

    Keep finding Jesus in the margins bro.

    • Christian Girl 33

      I can help with the Three Days Grace issue. I am absolutely certain that if your son is going to listen to them you need to censor it first. They do use curse words, not commonly. They have some really good songs that can be taken in the Christian light. I think that their Life Starts Now cd has the most Christian sounding songs, but there are some others on their other cds. My main suggestion is to just check it out first.

      Another band that your son may like is Red Jumpsuit Apparatus. Both of their cds are really good, and many of their songs have lyrics that can have a Christian meaning. They are really good.

      Also check out Manic Bloom, they have Christian lyrics too. They don’t have many songs, though. I my opinion they are very awesome.

      God can work through anyone!!! 😀
      -Christian Girl 33

  2. Kliska

    Roger, first of all, welcome to the blog, and thanks for the comments!

    Yes, Breaking Benjamin (BB) did write the song for Halo (Ben, the lead singer is a huge Xbox fan, and plays online all the time). I’m sure it is hard to make certain decisions as to what to let your kids listen to or not…some of BB’s songs I would probably consider too mature, and the lyrics too “intense” for someone so young, but that is in general of course (Ben’s fond of the F-bomb in some of his lyrics).

    I also agree with you about artists and their work…sometimes I do think they let out a longing for God, even if they profess not to believe in Him, which can be sad.

    One thing you might be able to do with BB is read the lyrics of their songs, and maybe let him download only those you approve of, as some of their songs are “clean,” yet have that rough alternative sound.

    Three Days Grace is a band that BB has toured with in the past, and they are definitely not a Christian band. Three Days Grace refers to the grace period that businesses and banks usually gives to customers…many people (me included) think of Christ when they first here the name, but alas, they didn’t mean it that way. I don’t know much about that band, as I’ve never listened to them intently or studied their lyrics.

    Regardless, it is interesting to dig into “secular” material to find hints of God amidst it all…once you come to see the world and humans from a spiritual perspective, it’s hard to shut off that type of analyzing.

    Grace and Peace,
    Your Sis ( 😉 ) in Christ,

    • lucky

      is it a satanic band??? read this and tell me

      I see nothing in your eyes, and the more I see the less I like.

      Is it over yet, in my head?

      I know nothing of your kind, and I won’t reveal your evil mind.

      Is it over yet? I can’t win.

      So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what’s left.
      I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.
      I’m going all the way, get away, please.

      You take the breath right out of me.
      You left a hole where my heart should be.
      You got to fight just to make it through,
      ’cause I will be the death of you.

      This will be all over soon.
      Pour salt into the open wound.

      Is it over yet? Let me in.

      So sacrifice yourself, and let me have what’s left.
      I know that I can find the fire in your eyes.
      I’m going all the way, get away, please.

      You take the breath right out of me.
      You left a hole where my heart should be.
      You got to fight just to make it through,
      ’cause I will be the death of you.

      I’m waiting, I’m praying, realize, start hating.

      You take the breath right out of me.
      You left a hole where my heart should be.
      You got to fight just to make it through,
      ’cause I will be the death of you.

      • Kliska

        No, I think I’ve talked to that fact; I don’t think they are a Satanic band in the least, though they are secular. Dance with the Devil is an interesting one to break down too. Breath, the song you quote here, seems to be about a bad relationship with another person.

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  4. David

    Thanks for the info! However, I was wondering if the symbol that they have on alot of their T-shirts/posters mean. The one on the tombstone in (So cold) Thanks!

  5. Kliska

    Many mistake it to be a simple Celtic knot, but actually it is 4 “B’s” interlocked for Breaking Benjamin; two B’s mirrored north and south, two B’s mirrored East/west (just to describe it visually…many times they rotate the symbol 45 degrees; so, on a compass the B’s would be NE, SE, SW, NW.)

  6. Matt

    Excellent insight into the undertone of various artists longing for Christ, even if they themselves are unaware of it!
    I have wondered, like some of you, if BB lead singer, Ben Burnley, is a Christian. So many of the lyrics in his song lead me to believe that he may have been at one time or maybe is just seeking Christ for the first time. Either way, I hope he finds the “Big Guy!”

  7. Austin

    What about their song “Blow me away”? The one that is used on the video game “Halo”. It talks about going to heaven. Also their song “Away”, they Talk about how God is the only way.

    • Kliska

      They have several lyrics that imply certain things, but sometimes people (songwriters) just love to play with the imagery because it is so powerful. Ben helped the (Christian) band Red out on a song, and it will be interesting to hear what it’s all about.

  8. Eric

    Thank you so much for the blog! As a teennanger who absolutely loves Breaking Benjamin, but at the same time a deeply religious person, I have been wondering whether their songs particularly the one’s in the album “Phobia” are alright to listen to. I particularly like the tunes of “Evil Angel” and “Dance with the devil” and they just happen to be the one’s that are At least partially religious in nature.

    1. Evil Angel: Who is the evil angel? Is the song anti or pro God? Am I worshiping the devil when I sing this song?
    2. Dance with the devil: Is it anti or pro satanic?

    I also love the song “had enough” and I try to turn the volume off whenever they say the “B” word Its kind of an “in your face” song and it would be really mean if you would actually say those things to people! But what helps make this song cool-as a religious person- is imagining that he is talking to satan. The lyrics “you had to have it all, well have you had enough? you greedy little b^^^^^^^ you will get what you deserve” are so fitting! Can you tell me more about the song?

    thank you so much and I hope that you will help me with this,

    btw. how do you know all this stuff about “BB”? I am looking all over the internet for information and can’t really find anything. You are so much help.

    • Kliska

      Eric, welcome to the blog! I hope to be able to blog about a new BB album soon…but the guys are still in the writing phase. To answer your last question first, I go to The Shallowbay; and read the forums. As for some of the stuff about the band; I read their “thank you’s” in the albums…they can be very telling, and just generally keep my ears and eyes open for any hint of BB news.

      I too have wondered about some of their song meanings, and I believe that term “Evil Angel” can be seen to mean anything outside of God, that people turn to and worship that are really bad for them; drugs, other people, alcohol, money, power, etc… Notice that the title implies that the angel being spoken about in the song is evil, and not good. When the song talks of imaginary friends, it isn’t making fun of religious folk, it is actually a literal meaning in my opinion; people hooked on drugs/alcohol/etc… usually hang out with people that support the habit, that don’t really care for the person at all; hence they are imaginary friends, nothing but lies and crooked wings.

      Oh, yeah, I made a post on it over at the ‘bay…here it is, “Ok, adding my thoughts. At one point, I believe it was discussed (in another thread, or even message board) the connections between this song and possible drug use. I do believe Ben is familiar with Biblical imagery and uses it regularly, but in this case I think that he was using certain biblical themes for an analogy to addiction.

      While those that see religion as a myth, or a false POV think that the line that references “imaginary friends” as a putdown to religion, if one reads it with the drug reference in mind, the “imaginary friends” line takes on a whole new meaning. In the case of the whole song, from the singer’s POV, they are searching for a savior, but they find betrayal, and lies, etc…. Many look to drugs/alcohol to save them, and it winds up making everything worse, but as an addict, they feel the drug helps them survive in the world.

      From a Christian perspective it hits me as a melancholy song about someone looking for redemption/salvation in all the wrong places (instead of Christ, for instance), realizing it, and slipping away…after all, the singer recognizes he’s calling on an evil angel, one of the fallen, instead of one of the good variety. Anywho, just some extra thoughts.

      As for Dance with the Devil, it is anti-devil IMO; “I believe in you, I can show you that; I can see right through all your empty lies.” To me, it shows from the POV of the “character” in the song, they do indeed believe the Devil is real, and knows that he is indeed a liar. In the same breath, it is someone that knows that they are going into a sticky situation (and apparently “taking someone else there with them” in a metaphorical sense), a situation that may start “flirting” with evil if they aren’t careful; almost as though they are giving up hope.

      For “Had Enough,” it is funny that you say that, because I tend to think of telling off Satan too! 😉 I’ve not heard/read Ben’s reason for the song, though he tends to not disclose that so that people can take different things away from it; to make it mean something to them, which is why I’d hope he’d never mind me speculating, and using their songs to discuss religion.

      Of course, on a lot of this, my religious spin probably isn’t what Ben intended at all, but it’s just how I (or we) interpret the song because I’m a Christian. I love the emotion in the songs, and some of them just tend to line up in my mind with certain emotions I’ve gone through in my Christian walk…some of their stuff can have me crying from the emotional impact as I think about what the song means for me as I do with “Medicate” and the idea of the prodigal son (or in my case daughter), and the continuing struggles we have against sin. As for listening to their music in general; pray about it and see how the Holy Spirit guides you always listen to Him above anyone else. I listen to the music because I do love the emotion, and meaning I find in it, and the guys who seem like relatively good guys are fun to follow and read about.

      Grace and Peace,

  9. Rhed

    Are Mark, Chad, and Jeremy really Christians? I can’t get a confirmation from anywhere else. Where did you find out?

  10. ryan

    though you have all made good points, BB makes a lot of songs referring to God. Dance with the Devil is about being betrayed by someone and if referring to religion it is Judas in the betrayal of Jesus. As by doing this i always viewed it as Judas selling his soul to the devil. Therefore the lyrics “Say Goodbye as we dance with devil tonight” and when he ben says “I wont last long in this world so wrong” is when the crowd choose a murder over Jesus.

  11. Plain in simple there those that justify and those that lie and BB is frankly satanic and sing to the almighty evil one. There will be many that will be deceived in this world. Stop trying to link popular worldly content to God. This band is awesome and talented no lie here, but they do not sing of lyrics that any Christian should listen to without seeking to understand and with proper caution! Know what you are listening to and know what your children listen to!

    • Kliska

      Can’t tell of you are of the Poe orientation or not, but it’s fun to post either way. The truth is that parents should know what their kids are listening to, and so should you. Of course BB is indeed a secular band, and of course they are awesome indeed…and of course they aren’t satanic.

    • Whatever you do, don’t limit God to power through strictly Christian forces. God uses so much more than that. Even if BB was satanic, God can still put his message into their songs, using what they meant for evil for good (Genesis 50:20). However, I do hold the view that BB is simply a secular band with good music – nothing satanic about them.

  12. Andrew

    No these bands are not Christian bands however like the Christian scribbler wrote there are good examples and truth towards Christ that can be pulled out of a lot that is secular; as all are searching for Jesus and in the end anything of joy or hope points to Jesus but use wisdom on what you listen to. Good story

  13. Christian Girl 33

    A good piece of info that I learned in Bible class is that ALL truth is of God. Even if a secular band says it, if it is truth it is of God. Some just do not know they are speaking of God.

    • Kliska

      And, we have to make sure of the truth of it…which can be a bit harder if it comes outside of the Bible or His direct word/guiding. Prove all things; hold fast that which is good. 1 Thessalonians 5:21

  14. teenroadwarrior

    Just to let you know, RED, a Christian band, helped write a lot of BBs songs. So, that might be where the Christian theme comes from.
    And yes, I am a Christian and a huge RED fan.

    • Kliska

      Jasen Rauch of Red is the one that has been writing with Ben recently. A lot of the Christian themes are based in Christian imagery, which doesn’t necessarily point to Ben’s beliefs…though “Without You” might be a bit of a glimpse, since it fits with “Shadows” so well.

  15. Zero(14yrs :)

    Hello Everyones 😀 well I know of some freat christian bands, and i am 14 yrs oldd, well there is this band if anyone happens to like some metal called Demon Hunter, or screamo The Devil wears prada, they have maybe one song that does not have a crhistian meaning but for fun, but no curse words, Theres also Manic Drive, Pillar, Thousand foot krutch, actually if u look on ur local christian rock station’s website(if u have one) they should most probably have a list showing a whole nbunch of bands they feature on their radio station, soo i hope i help 🙂

  16. Jesse

    For all those wondering if it’s good or bad to listen to secular bands and be able to pull something “holy” out of their songs, I have only one answer… and it is written by a very wise man, who at one time was known as “Saul of Tarsus”….

    “Do you have faith? Keep it to yourself before God. Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves. But whoever doubts stands condemned if he approves, because his approving is not from faith, and everything that is not from faith is sin.” -Romans 14:22-23

    Originally, the word “approved” is actually “eats” ( as Paul is talking about eating or not eating, and whether or not it will cause you brother to stumble… I felt the word “approved” would be a better substitute for this discussion) But the same applies here. For those who think that by listening to ‘Breaking Benjamin’ is “evil” or that because ‘BB’ is secular that makes them satanic, then they NEED to read Scripture more IMO… I think that it is great that some of us can listen to music that is not “godly” and be able to separate the “good” from the “bad”! GREAT!

    It’s just like Paul said, “Blessed is the man who does not condemn himself by what he approves.” ( I love the Bible!) Now, that doesn’t mean if you approve in stealing that you can be let off the hook, (clearly you don’t know your commandments very well) but if you think for any minute that by listening to secular music, you are sinning, then don’t. And any “brother” who loves you, won’t listen to that kind of music around you so that you won’t stumble. But don’t judge your brother if he listens to it on his own and is not offended by it…

    “Do not judge others, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn others, or it will all come back against you.” – Luke 6:37

    Great blog! I’m new to reading this, but your style will definitely keep me coming back 😉

  17. Christian Girl

    I just started listening to BB like a couple of weeks ago through one of my really close guy friends and I fell in love with BB. When I heard Sooner or Later and Give Me a Sign, I was like hmmm they seem like they might Christians. So I was doing a little research on them and I looked at this and it gave me my answer. Good job at breaking down the song!! I really enjoy listening to BB and plan on listening to them more and more. I really want to go to one of their concerts! If you guys find any kind of tickets for Texas, Please let me know!!

    God Bless!

  18. Joshua

    Thank you very much for this blog. I’m a 14-year-old Christian, and became addicted to Breaking Benjamin about two months back. I’d been questioning for a while whether their songs were really good for me; the F-bomb I didn’t really mind, I felt it was used for emphasis, but then I listened to a few of their songs that seem to basically be about hate, and some had Satanic themes; Dance with the Devil in particular, is one I really like but somehow never felt comfortable showing to my other Christian friends.

    However this blog helped some, and I’ve really decided that it doesn’t matter what the song is about, it’s what I read into it that matters. In particular songs like Until the End, Away, I Will Not Bow, and several others. I personally find these songs very inspirational; Until the End talks about going on until the end, refusing to give in; I find this very parallel to our walk in this world, when we choose to go on believing in God, walking this world until the end. I Will Not Bow I find very inspirational as well; it’s the kind of song I listen to when I’m down, and to me symbolizes that we need to stand up for our faith and refuse to bow to the evil one.

    Anyway I guess I’ll close my rambling.

  19. Kristoffer

    Great blog! I’m 17 and I’ve listened to BB for more than 3 years. It’s my absolute favourite band, and, being raised a christian, it’s fascinating to imagine there might be hidden religious meanings in the songs.

  20. Zorina

    I’m quite a BB fan myself and i think some of their lyrics can be taken into the Christian account..but as Ben said,the interpretation of their songs is upto the people…i personally think that if you are christian and are still into alternative rock, you should go for Creed.

  21. Topaz

    Anberlin, Demon Hunter, Falling Up, Emery, Flyleaf, Manic Drive, Pillar, POD, Project 86, Red, Relient K, Run Kid Run, Seventh Day Slumber, Skillet(personal favourite), Stryper (similar to rock with lots of electric guitar and decent vocals – think Def Leppard), Subseven, Switchfoot, Third Day, TFK, TobyMac, Underoath and 12 Stones. (Also, i know of four all-girl Christian rock bands, The Letter Black is amazing, Superchick is more rap-oriented, BarlowGirl sings different genres, and Point Of Grace is light and has an acoustic sound)

  22. Karla Zapta

    Hello, I’m 19 and BB has been a major part of my music influence for the last four years, I absolutely Love this band and the double meaning of their songs. I believe that Dance with the Devil is not a bad song in the context of it being satanic but its about how we face dangers day by day, everywhere we go there is always temptations and we have to fight against them that is our dance. I am too a Christian and have been for quite some time, despite the usage of a few scattered profane language, the meaning of the songs within themselves are quite uplifting. Ben, who is the main author of the songs says so himself in an interview for their album Phobia, “Half of the album can sound depressing to some, but the others give you a reason to live and put up with your day to day life”. Their new album Dear Agony is specially a bit more out of their comfort zone but I like to believe that Ben is trying to get the Christian message to all the none believers through his lyrics, think about this if they knew that they were a christian band would they still view them the same way and continue listening to their songs? No! that is why I firmly believe that Ben, is an undeclared Christian.
    Thank you for all of the great breakdown of the BB songs that you have here.
    God Bless!

  23. Jeremiah Dickens

    Hey so i found this looking up what the knot meant and what it was but any ways I just wanted to say, Breaking benjamin is my favorite band and i truly do believe that ben burnley is a christian. just based off of their lyrics most all of them (with exception of a few such as “topless”). Most peoples main argument though is that he curses occasionally. Personally though i don’t see how that makes him not a christian…. I am a christian and honestly the way he uses the curse words is usually not dirty or nasty (like most rap and hip hop music). thats just me though…

  24. Jason

    Thanks everyone for your comments. I too am a BB fan. I am 34 and a Christian. I have always loved hard and alternative rock and sometimes struggle with the fact that some bands might be anti-Christian.As for BB I think Ben is an undeclared Christian, although this hopefully has changed for the better.I am also an alcoholic and have struggled with this for many years. I read that Ben was a recovoring alcoholic and has some long terms effects as a result. That being said, the song “Away” is awesome. I’ve listened 2 it many times before but recently it brought me to tears because it plays through in mind like this. He sings in the beginning that only God can save you if you knew your way to the light.(Struggling with accepting Gods help) “I see you cause you won’t get out of my way”(God is always there wether you want him there or not!)”I hear you cause you won’t stop screaming my name”(I hear God all the time but most of the time I won’t listen!) “I feel you cause you won’t stop touching my skin”(I feel Gods hand on me. Its what keeps me hoping and praying for recovery from my addiction.)”I need you,they’re coming to take you away” God and his angels tearing you away fom whatever ails you when you decide to accept it). Despite my shortcomings He has always been there for me. I’ve been blessed with a beautiful family, a wonderful life, an awesome church and the list goes on. My addiction is just a bump in the road. I pray someone can take something from this. God bless you,in Jesus’ name. Amen!

  25. i love breaking benjamin and even though they’re not a christian band, i really think that Ben Burnley is Christian… even though he’s not religious, he could be a spiritual Christian like me. i don’t think that songs like “Evil Angel” and “Dance with the Devil” are evil at all, they’re most likely metaphorical… with him being a recovering alcoholic, terms like “evil angel” could have been describing his addiction; “put me to sleep evil angel” (he has admitted that he wanted to drink hiself to death)… i could be wrong about this of course, i dont think about it that much… and yea he occasionally swears, but that doesn’t make someone any less of a christian (and it doesn’t really bother me or anyone else i know)… most of their songs are clean. he uses those words for emphasis and not to purposely sound crude or disrespectful (unlike many hip hop and rap artists that can’t come up with other lyrics to make their songs fuller)… i’ve been a fan of BB since i was 15, i’m almost 19 and i still love them. they are great musicians and ben is a great vocalist… God Bless you guys!

    Your brother in Christ,

  26. Thanks , I love Breaking Benjamin alot and Three days Grace a bit as well. And I am a christian , I am so happy to know this thanks alot 🙂

  27. i really enjoyed reading this, i am a christian and i thought this was a brilliant way to reach out to some youth ….through songs!!! whenever i listen to music i always try to think of a christian bend to it

  28. James :)

    hi guys I love alt rock nd metal! I’m 15 nd a Christian, although BB may be secular but there songs rnt bad, like I will not bow could be interpreted in a Christian light even though its a lil dark:), also they’ve toured with RED and Skillet who r both very religious:) and gr8 christian bands

  29. Melissa

    Hey 🙂
    I’m 15 and BB is my absolute favourite band! I also love Three Days Grace and anything pretty hard-core 🙂
    I’m a Christian and have been struggling lately with how people portray God as a strict and unforgiving Father. Your blog has really helped me see that this isn’t true. 🙂
    I see a lot of Christian meanings to their songs and don’t think Evil Angel is a Satanic song at all.. Ben sings about things which we “worship” and use to help us forget about our problems.
    “You are the faith inside of me,
    No don’t leave me to die here,
    Help me survive here,
    I don’t remember, remember..”
    This, I see, is how we ask God to help us in hard times, because we can’t “remember” or don’t know how to save ourselves.
    Will most definitely keep reading your blog.. Love it! 🙂
    God bless.. x

  30. Burned Hands

    Wow…I didn’t realize how many Christians were out there that felt like this. I really appreciate the others can find the “Sacred in the secular,” without glorifying the secular. Thanks for the post!

  31. PureMetalFan

    You all need to check out a now defunked band called Hymns of Eden. check out their song All I Need on YouTube.

  32. Jordan S

    Wow this blog has really opened my eyes and also helped me come to terms with some of my grief. I come from a mostly black family who still cling to the archaic views that all rock/metal or alternative music is evil and detracts from God. Breaking Benjamin has been a favourite of mine since I heard the song “firefly” on one of my wrestling games, their songs helped me carry on in life because the area in which I live in isnt very accepting to me, I was bullied a lot, on the brink of suicide a few times and even tried to commit it once or twice but these songs allowed me to carry on. Thankyou everyone who has done research into these songs so I know that Im not listening to something potentially Harmful. The Lord has been with me every step of the way Hopefully the Lord will accept me after I have denied him all these years.
    God bless 🙂

  33. anonymous

    I seriously don’t think BB is trying to be religious; I just think God is speaking through them and trying to get his message across subconsciously. BB is a very inspirational band, and their songs to me definitely aren’t secular like I Will Not Bow and Home. Songs like Breath, Polyamorous, and Breakdown are about temptation and their consequences. Even though I have questioned this band because of songs like So Cold and Believe on We Are Not Alone. But I still love this band! God bless this band!
    It’s so cool to know there are other people who actually care about their faith cuz everyone else I know don’t care about their faith and listen to Wiz Khalifa and shops at Spencers, and I don’t do those things. So thanks! =D

  34. Melissa Taylor

    I grew up around rock music which has made me a BB fan. 4 those who like alternative rock, u should check out Chevelle. Their song Safer Waters bashes evolution

  35. Casey Jeanes

    thank you alot! I have not been listening to BB because i thought that as a christian it would be frowned upon but thak you alot!

  36. Max

    As Christian i listen to Breaking Benjamin sometimes as well. I also find their many songs spiritually filled and can be related for example “Give me a sign”- it sounds like the times a i am falling away from God, here are some lyrics even mentioning God: “God help me I’ve come undone
    Out of the light of the sun
    God help me I’ve come undone
    Out of the light of the sun
    I can feel you falling away ”
    I wouldn’t probably recommend to listen to them too much, but i do believe good message can be taken from their music

    • Kristoffer

      Why would you not recommend listening to BB “too much”? Are you implying it would have negative effects? It’s been my favourite band for years.

      • Max

        May be its just but after listening to BB a lot i started to feel a little bit depressed because of the lyrics, again may be its just me because I usually pay a lot of attention to the lyrics. I don’t know if you experienced the same.

  37. Wesley

    I only like a few of theirs and they are pretty good.

  38. Josh

    Ben Burnley said he believes in God, his lyrics are also testament to it. I suppose that’s why his music speaks to our hearts. My favorite song is “Home”.

  39. isaacgb9

    I am 14 years old and I started listening to Breaking Benjamin about a year ago. I really like them, and I would like to thank the person who thought of this blog. It is very cool and I believe that Breaking Benjamin is a very good band. Even my mom who doesn’t like alternate rock at all really, she really likes them and says they are very talented. I recommend this band to anyone who likes alternate rock.

  40. Pingback: Breaking Benjamin is back… and so am I. | The Christian Scribbler

  41. Ann Reyes

    I love BB’s songs. I listened to the lyrics of their song “Failure”.
    Wow….it reminds me of Revelation and how the world is falling apart, people not accepting Christ:

    ” We bury the sunlight ” (turning away from Jesus) ..(.which is FAILURE to NOT believe in His Word)… but look at how BB’s lyrics ties in the message of salvation in Jesus Christ:

    ” Look for the light that leads me home” (Jesus IS the light!)”.

    GREEEAT song.

  42. Unknown

    Just one question.Is Three Days Grace a satanic or evil band?Im not sure if they are or not.Ive been looking all over the internet to try and find an anwser.So far i have only gotten a yes or no anwser.The people that anwsered havent given me any evidence.I would very much appreciate a response. Gid bless you all.

    • Revanchist

      considering a lot of their songs seem to be about getting back on your feet when you feel low and or depressed or how to carry on when you feel you don’t have a choice, I really wouldn’t think so, but in all honesty you should listen to them and see what kind of vibe you get, if it’s good then that’s fine if not then don’t listen anymore. in my own opinion however secular they are they have always carried a message of hope for me

  43. Ibrahim Franco

    I was listening to Braking Benjamin while at work. Decided to ask Google a question about them, and happen to find this very rewarding articke n thought I would share it with you:
    Sent this⬆ to some of my kids. I asked Google if they were a satanic band. I read your article and it was refreshing to read anothers perspective of them. I do pray they find Christ..although you men t ioned 2 of them are Christians. Someone else would ask for intance, what are they doing playing here. know, Jesus did mingled with the sinners,, but mingled with them to reach them. Thanks for the insight abiut them though.
    In Christ..Ibrahim

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