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Apologetics: The Messiah Prophecies…

One of the most fascinating and rewarding areas to research in Christianity is the many prophecies contained in the Bible, and their fulfillment, either in the past, or yet to come.  My previous blog post was all about Levitt Ministries.  They have been a significant source for me when studying the Old Testament prophecies, and they have done a lot of wonderful work on the Messiah Prophecies.  Here is a chart that they formulated that touches on several main prophecies about the Messiah, and their fulfillment found in Jesus (Yeshua), although there are many more. Notice how they come out of different books, showing how the historical documents that make up the Bible fit together like a puzzle.

Born in Bethlehem: Micah 5:2 fulfilled Matthew 2:1-5
The Son of God: Psalms 2:7 fulfilled John 3:16-17
Of the tribe of Judah: Gen. 49:10 fulfilled Heb. 7:14
Born of a virgin: Isa. 7:14 fulfilled Matt. 1:18-22
A prophet like Moses: Deut. 18:15 fulfilled John 7:15-17
The King of Israel: Zech. 9:9 fulfilled John 12:12-15
Rejected: Isa. 53:3 fulfilled John 1:11
Beaten: Mic. 5:1 fulfilled Mk. 15:19
Silent: Isa. 53:7 fulfilled Matt. 27:1-2
Betrayed: Psa. 41:9 fulfilled Mk. 14:17-20
Tried and Condemned: Isa. 53:8 fulfilled Matt. 27:1-2
Crucified: Psa. 22:18 fulfilled John 19:23-24
His garments divided: Psa. 22:18 fulfilled John 19:23-24
Given vinegar and gall: Psa. 69:21 fulfilled John 19:28-29
His bones not broken: Exo. 12:46 fulfilled John 19:31-36
He is our Sacrifice: Isa. 53:5-6 fulfilled Pet. 2:24-25
And raised from death! : Psa. 16:10 fulfilled Lk. 24:1-7, 47…

I like having them in order, and having the corresponding passages side by side. Again, this is something Zola Levitt used to teach on, and now Dr. Jeff Seif, who has taken over Levitt ministries after Zola’s death. They have several references for these prophecies and more over at: www.levitt.com One of the staff members at the ministry kindly gave me permission to post this chart online, please do not copy without permission of Levitt ministries.  In addition to different books on the prophecies, they also have this chart printed up on bookmarks with their ministry information on them.  I hope you check them out, and gain as much from them as I have.

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A look at Levitt Ministries…

One of my main purposes with this blog is to talk Apologetics.  There have been several ministries that have truly helped me in my faith, and learning the “meat” of the Christian message, which of course translates into better Apologetics.  Levitt Ministries is one of those.  Founded by Zola Levitt, a Jewish Christian, this ministry focuses on the Jewish roots of Christianity, and also on Israel; its history, current events, and role in Biblical prophecies.

After Zola passed away in 2006, Dr. Jeffrey Seif took over the teaching aspects of the ministry, and Sandra Levitt, Zola’s wife, stepped into the spotlight to help.  Their teachings on the Christian faith from a Jewish perspective bring scripture to life with deeper meanings that may not be so readily apparent to those of us not regularly exposed to Jewish teaching, and the Hebrew language.  The ministry has also raised my appreciation for Jesus’ (Yeshua’s) role as the prophesied Messiah, and has helped my understanding of many aspects and stories of the Old Testament.

If you are Jewish and are interested in getting a perspective on Christianity, their information; books, pamphlets, television shows, newsletter, etc… are an invaluable source.  If you are already a believer, and are looking to connect to others on the web that have the same interest, they have a lively forum where people can “gather” to pray for one another, fellowship, ask questions, keep up on the news out of the Mideast…

I’ve also had the privilege of seeing and hearing Sandra Levitt speak about Israel at a local church.  She is just as warm, vivacious, and passionate about these issues in person as she is on the television shows.  I haven’t had the opportunity to travel to Israel yet, but if I do, I hope to be able to go with Levitt ministries, as they offer various tours throughout the year.  They also have speakers available to come to your church to give talks about their ministry’s specialties.

One of the things I promised I would do when providing information about various ministries is let my readers know where I may differ with specific teachings.  When talking about Levitt Ministries, it is hard for me to come up with much; the only issues I have are slight variation of belief with certain details in prophecy (who will make up the 10 nation confederacy, for example) and with one of their longtime guests on the show; Dr. Gerald Schroeder.  Dr. Schroeder is a Jewish scientist that has an interesting theory about the Creation of the world.  He teaches how it is possible that Creation took both six literal days, and also millions of years, perhaps not a problem in itself, but it has implications for the series of events in Genesis, and the creation of man as well.  Having brought this up, I have to say that I do not judge a ministry based upon their guests, so I just mention it in passing; there is plenty of information on Dr. Schroeder’s theories out there on the web.

Levitt Ministries main website is: www.levitt.com If anyone has any questions about their ministry that I can answer, let me know, and I’ll do my best.  They are definitely worth checking out, and don’t forget to find out when their program airs on TV in your area, if you are interested (you can also watch certain programs online as well).  I will also add a post displaying a sample of one of their teachings.

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